NEWPORT BEACH, California, November 19 /PRNewswire/ -- The Impossible Quiz(TM) for the iPhone(TM) and iPod Touch(TM) continues to climb, reaching number 7 for all paid apps yesterday. The Impossible Quiz(TM) is also number 4 of app store games, surpassing the classic puzzle game Tetris and Metal Gear Solid Touch. inXile entertainment is very excited about the success of The Impossible Quiz(TM) and have announced that they are already in development with the next installment for the iPhone(TM) and iPod Touch(TM).

The Impossible Quiz(TM) was created by Glenn Rhodes aka Splapp-me-do as a flash game which skyrocketed in popularity for its humorous presentation of bizarre questions and challenges.

The Impossible Quiz(TM) for the iPhone(TM) and iPod Touch(TM) stays true to its Flash roots, incorporating all the best questions from the original plus several new ones never before seen! Can a Match Box? What is the square root of an Onion? What flavor is cardboard? Twisted questions like these will punch you in the brain and their surprise answers will kick you right in the medulla! Conventional thinking will only get your brain-slapped. Forget about thinking outside the box. Turn the box inside out and wear it as a funny hat, and then maybe you'll start to get it!

Right away I knew this game would be perfect for the iPhone. It's simple, addictive and hilarious. Even more fun is challenging your friends and watching them fail at the questions you've beat! says Brian Fargo, CEO and founder of inXile entertainment.

The Impossible Quiz(TM) features over 100 bamboozling questions and very simple rules: get it right, move forward; get too many wrong, restart from the beginning of the quiz! Some questions demand quick reflexes, most require unconventional thinking and all must be answered correctly to beat The Impossible Quiz(TM).

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Located in Newport Beach, California, inXile entertainment is a game development company that focuses on both licensed and original intellectual properties. Formed in late 2002 by Interplay Entertainment founder Brian Fargo, inXile entertainment develops for personal computers and the major console platforms including the Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, PLAYSTATION3 (PS3) computer entertainment system, Xbox 360 video game system from Microsoft, and the iPhone and iPod Touch. In May 2008, inXile announced their Sparkworkz division which runs a growing network of online games and user-generated content. Their products include Line Rider(TM), Super Stacker 2(TM), Shape Shape(TM), and Fantastic Contraption(TM). For additional information about Sparkworkz and inXile please visit or email:

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