E3 Expo, LOS ANGELES, June 1 /PRNewswire/ --

- This new Game Offers a fun and Unique Gameplay Experience for all Animal Lovers of all Ages

E3 Expo, LOS ANGELES, June 1 /PRNewswire/ --

- Inaria Interactive(R) is a new Game Studio and Committed to Creating Compelling Casual Cross-Platform Games for all Ages and Demographics

E3 Expo, LOS ANGELES, June 1 /PRNewswire/ --

Inaria Interactive(R) today revealed Lead The Meerkats(TM), the first game to simulate the exciting life of meerkats. By taking advantage of Wii(TM) and its unique and intuitive controllers, the player is thrust into the lively and endearing world of meerkats. As a pack leader the player enjoys the company of these curiously interesting creatures and all their trials and tribulations. The game offers extremely fun and engaging gameplay experiences for Wii players of all ages.

In Lead the Meerkats(TM) you are a young meerkat and you have a lot to accomplish. You have been separated from your pack and the time has come for you to form your own meerkat pack. Name your pack and meerkats. Dig a network of burrows and enlarge your territory. Forage for food and grow your pack size. Stand guard and be ready to make quick decisions on the run. Run to the safety of your burrows or stand and fight your enemies. Go head to head with a rival meerkat pack. Lead your pack to victory and rule the savanna. Are you ready for the challenge?

The game has not been rated yet by any rating bodies. The official website is:


By unveiling Lead The Meerkats(TM) game Lapland Studio, a 3D graphics creation, post-production and game company, announced today the formation of Inaria Interactive, a new game studio that is committed to developing original IP game titles in terms of creating fun, addicting games that are embraced by the mass market. Over the past few years Lapland Studio has been involved in several high quality game projects for a variety of game developers to demonstrate the capabilities to amaze visually. This expertise gives an essential startup for Inaria Interactive to create entertaining casual games for all ages.

We are excited to unveil the first details of Lead The Meerkats(TM), said Ilkka Immonen, CEO of Lapland Studio. We have been very happy to work with Nintendo on this project and we continue to work hard with this game to create something different that is fun and rewarding to play. Inaria Interactive has perfectly positioned to make this a success and we already planning the release of new exciting news about ourselves.

Inaria Interactive(R) is previewing Lead The Meerkats(TM) to selected audience from June 2 -4 at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles, CA, USA. Please visit the official website http://www.leadthemeerkats.com for further information.

About Inaria Interactive(R):

Inaria Interactive(R), wholly owned by Lapland Studio(R) Ltd., was formed 2009 to create compelling casual cross-platform games for all ages and demographics and based on original game IP. Lapland Studio is a graphics creation, post- production and game company located in Finland. We were established in 2004 and are privately funded company. We serve global customers in game, TV and film production industries, plus increasing amount of customers in mobile, embedded and PC graphics industries. We have proven track record and we deliver only the best visual quality. Further information:



(c) 2009 Lapland Studio(R). Lead The Meerkats(TM) and Inaria Interactive(R) trademarks and logos are the exclusive property of Lapland Studio Ltd.

Company Contact: Ilkka Immonen CEO, Lapland Studio email: ilkka@laplandstudio.com Tel: +358-40-831-1987 Petri Talala COO, Lapland Studio email: petri.talala@laplandstudio.com Tel: +358-400-250-292

Company Contact: Ilkka Immonen, CEO, Lapland Studio, email: ilkka@laplandstudio.com , Tel: +358-40-831-1987. Petri Talala, COO, Lapland Studio, email: petri.talala@laplandstudio.com, Tel: +358-400-250-292