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- The first co-developed, fully integrated solution on the market eliminates the need for remotely deployed load generators and automatically aggregates end-to-end statistics into HP Performance Center 9.5 (including HP LoadRunner 9.5)

Shunra Software (, the market leading provider of network emulation and application development testing solutions, worked with HP developers to integrate their powerful WAN emulation and testing capabilities into newly released versions of HP LoadRunner and HP Performance Center. This is a completely automatic integration, with no script editing required. Shunra's VE Desktop for HP Software ( ) pulls in network statistics automatically from load generators, emulates a wide area network (WAN) and reports real world network conditions during load testing.

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A WAN emulation solution that seamlessly fits into existing HP Performance Center processes, Shunra VE Desktop for HP Software ( ) transforms a LAN-based load testing environment into a real world production environment. This transformation from LAN to WAN is a proven, necessary step for quality assurance of applications that are required to perform over wide area networks. Early testing over an emulated wide area network enables IT professionals to address problems such as chatty applications, latency sensitive transactions, caching inefficiencies, and other network performance conditions.

The market demanded an easy and accurate way to anticipate application performance on the network, and that's exactly what our developers created, said Thomas Charlton, CEO of Shunra Software. It's common knowledge that problems are less expensive to fix when they're caught early in the application lifecycle, and our collaboration with HP represents an accurate way to predict how an application will perform on a wide area network before rollout. Before there was just hope, now there's insight, control and proof that it will perform. This is a complete paradigm shift in how applications are tested.

Shunra VE Desktop for HP Software ( ) enables each load generator to simulate a different network location. Statistics are automatically captured, sorted and analyzed based on location. These capabilities reduce cost by eliminating the need for remotely deployed load generators and gives software testing professionals access to a complete network landscape. This delivers faster insight into potential application performance issues, which enables error resolution to application and network issues to occur long before application rollout and end user impact.

Customers can cut costs and resolve network-related performance problems faster by emulating the WAN in software instead of physically adding load generators at remote locations said Subbu Iyer, senior director of Products, Software and Solutions, HP. The integration of Shunra's VE Desktop network emulation with HP LoadRunner and HP Performance Center testing products helps customers optimize the performance of their applications to meet the needs of the business.

Some typical uses of Shunra VE Desktop for HP Software include the detection of:

- Latency impact - Latency causes the transactions and sessions to stay open longer than they would on the LAN. Without incorporating the WAN effects of delay into a load test the memory usage, thread usage, and other critical server resources can be significantly understated. - Bandwidth limitations - Bandwidth constraints affect transactions in-flight, causing them to take longer to complete their transmission and ultimately impacts important server resources. - Network impact - Where specific response time goals are being targeted, it is important to incorporate the effect of the network into existing testing processes to examine the impact on total response time. Shunra enables you to accurately assess total response time for remote users prior to deployment and can analyze the breakdown of total response time into the client, network, and server components. This assists in diagnosing and resolving transactions that will not consistently meet response time goals.

The integration of Shunra with HP is a major step forward in software testing. Developing and delivering quality software has historically been a major challenge because testing outside the true production environment is virtually impossible without duplicating that environment. Network simulation based on actual network behaviors, Shunra's core value to customers, is a great alternative and will lead to fewer problems in production software deployments, said Julie Craig, senior analyst, Enterprise Management Associates. Companies engaged in large-scale development and quality assurance processes using HP Performance Center and/or HP LoadRunner should consider adding Shunra capabilities to their testing arsenal.

Shunra Software is an HP Software Certified, Gold Business Partner and a member of the HP Marketplace Referral Program. VE Desktop for HP Software is sold separately, additional information on this product may be found at

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Shunra Software is the market leader in network emulation ( ) solutions for application performance testing throughout the entire application development lifecycle. Shunra's award-winning solutions enable development, quality assurance, pre-deployment and operations teams to create an exact replica of their production environment or design what-if network scenarios; allowing them to predict exactly how applications or infrastructure changes will perform in any networked environment-before rollout. Shunra's solutions and services are typically deployed in projects including data center consolidation; application performance readiness testing; VoIP testing ( ); website testing ( ) and WAN optimization ( ) technology testing.

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