LONDON, November 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Does professional education really transform people's careers, or is it simply an expensive diversion from 'real' work? In the latest of a series of podcasts, interim management ( ) professional, Clive Sexton, joins Rob Grimsey and Carol Rosati of Harvey Nash to discuss whether professional education is really worth it.

Clive estimates that 10 to 15 percent of graduates do an MBA or a masters after their first degree, and the recession has had a dramatic effect. Clive says, The recession has accelerated the trend for individuals to undertake professional education, be it a Masters, an MBA or a PHD, and 63% of business schools offering masters in management degrees are reporting an increase in 2009 and this growth has been much higher than in previous downturns.

Whilst professional education is a worthwhile investment, individuals should consider the cost involved. Clive continues, It doesn't come cheap at a prestigious school like the HEC in Paris. The fees alone are eighteen and a half thousand pounds a year, plus two years of living in accommodation.

As well as the cost, people also need to choose a qualification that is broadly recognised in their industry. Qualifications from classic, well-known business schools such as Harvard and London School of Economics really can make a difference. Clive says, There's absolutely no doubt, especially when there are hundreds of candidates chasing for one job, that any potential employer that sees you've invested in your own development is going to be impressed.

However, there are lots of factors to consider when deciding on professional education. Clive explains his top tips, Don't rush into making a decision, think long and hard about your life plan and what you want to achieve. This is not an insignificant investment. Take time out to evaluate the best schools. One size most definitely does not fit all, and also be aware that there is funding out there.

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