WAALWIJK, The Netherlands, May 11, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Prior to the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, which will be held on 12 May 2010, 14.00 hours at Hotel NH Waalwijk in Sprang-Capelle, the Management Board of DOCDATA N.V. announces the following.


DOCDATA N.V. in Waalwijk has closed the first quarter 2010 with excellent results. Revenue, EBIT, as well as profit have improved sharply compared to the first quarter 2009. DOCDATA N.V. has therefore maintained its strong financial position during the first quarter 2010. The cash surplus per 21 May 2010 will be amply sufficient to pay the dividend of EUR 0.55 in cash per outstanding share (in total amounting to EUR 3.7 million) after approval of the dividend proposal by the General Meeting of Shareholders, with deduction of withholding tax, from the cash funds available.

The management of DOCDATA N.V. announces no expectations regarding revenue and results for the whole year 2010. DOCDATA N.V. will announce the 2010 half-year results on Thursday 22 July 2010.

Technology company IAI industrial systems

The sharp improvement of revenue, EBIT and profit of DOCDATA N.V. is predominantly due to the deliveries, in accordance with the planning, of some large orders during the first quarter 2010 by the technology company IAI industrial systems. During the first quarter 2009, IAI industrial systems did not yet deliver any systems. During the first quarter 2010, amongst others the second part of the delivery of the order for Bulgaria was completed; this has had a substantial impact on revenue and results. The order book of IAI industrial systems has decreased by the deliveries during the first quarter 2010 to EUR 6.4 million per 31 March 2010, including newly signed orders (order book per 31 December 2009: EUR 13.7 million). The deliveries of systems for orders currently in the order book are scheduled predominantly for 2010.

E-commerce service company Docdata

Revenue and results of the e-commerce service company Docdata have increased during the first quarter 2010 compared to the first quarter 2009, primarily due to a higher transaction volume in 2010 for the commerce, payments and fulfilment services. Currently, more than 2 million transactions on a monthly basis are processed for clients. Revenue of the replication activities however has strongly decreased, mainly due to the further decline of these activities in Germany. The impact of this on EBIT and profit is little, as the Germany replication activities were depreciated to fair value in 2009 already. In total, revenue of the e-commerce service company Docdata for the first quarter is a bit smaller in 2010 than in 2009.

On 16 April 2010 DOCDATA N.V. acquired through its subsidiary docdata germany GmbH all activities, personnel and certain assets of Dohmen Solutions Group in Germany, fully paid in cash.

As announced earlier, the management of DOCDATA N.V. expects that these activities will contribute a minimum of EUR 10 million to revenue of the e-commerce service company Docdata on a yearly basis. However, the acquired activities will only contribute to profit starting 2011. The reason for that is that in 2010 significant expenses will be made to restructure the acquired activities, to improve efficiency, to diminish the cost basis and to integrate these activities in the existing organisation.

The listed DOCDATA N.V. exists of two lines of business:

E-commerce service company Docdata (http://www.docdata.com) is a European market leader with a strong basis in The Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom, and exists of four services:

- Docdata commerce - Docdata payments - Docdata fulfilment - Docdata media

Technology company IAI industrial systems ( http://www.iai-industrial-systems.com) is a high tech engineering company specialised in developing and building systems for very accurate and high speed processing of all kinds of products and materials. IAI delivers clients globally in the following sectors:

- securing and personalising of security documents - processing of solar cells and modules - processing of other materials and products

Corporate website: http://www.docdatanv.com


CONTACT: Further information: DOCDATA N.V., M.F.P.M. Alting von Geusau,CEO, Tel. +31-416-631-100