GENEVA, November 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Today WISeKey, the leading Internet Trust and Digital Identification company, announced it had appointed some of the leading business figures as members of its Strategy Committee. The committee Chaired by Patrick De Smedt, former Chairman of Microsoft EMEA, provides advice to the WISekey board of directors and senior management regarding matters of strategic business development and future revenue growth for WISeKey. The new members originate from a wide variety of sectors, from banking to financial services to IT which will be of critical importance to drive WISeKey's strategy:

- Carlos Esteve (CEO of Heritage Bank)

- Fernando Chico Pardo (President of Promecap)

- Mario Garnero (President Brazil Invest and President Forum das Americas)

- Lenny Schrank (CEO and Chairman of ACT3 Technologies, LLC and former CEO of SWIFT)

- Ali Karacan (Founder and Chairman of the Number One Media Group)

- Eric Pellaton (Co-Founder and Former Chairman Ismeca)

- Doug Hurst (Managing Director SMH Capital USA)

"I am delighted that this group of prestigious leaders accepted my invitation to join our Strategy Commitee," said Carlos Moreira, Founder and CEO of WISeKey. "These leaders bring their extensive experience and knowledge of the business community to WISeKey, and will help us set the right strategy for future growth. We already retain membership from a number of business luminaries and each of them brings vast experience in a variety of businesses from all around the globe."

"Understanding the security challenges and market opportunities that face corporations, today and in the future, is critical to the success of WISeKey's business," said Patrick De Smedt as he announced the new members of the strategy committee.

Leonard Schrank commented: "We need a more mature Internet and WISeKey is providing technologies, products and services to provide Internet users with secure identity and more commercially reliable products. This will be to everyone's benefit."

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Further information: Daniel Ybarra, VP Corporate Communications +41-225943000

Further information: Daniel Ybarra, VP Corporate Communications,, +41-225943000