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- Innovative Trading Communications System Brings Secure Global Network, Trading Platform to Smaller Trading Floors

IPC Systems, Inc., a leading provider of indispensable trading communications solutions to the world's leading financial services firms and global enterprises, today launched Alliance Express(TM), an innovative, cost-effective solution that delivers a new, streamlined trading floor communications system for small and mid-sized firms.

Alliance Express combines IPC's market-leading Alliance MX communications platform with the world's largest financial services On-Net trading community, creating a complete, end-to-end solution that seamlessly integrates back-office hardware, IPC's gold-standard desktop trading turrets and IPC's exclusive global network of 3,500 sites.

Specifically optimized for hedge funds, smaller buy-side firms and other smaller trading floors, Alliance Express offers these firms a new way of doing business by making it easy for firms with as few as five trading positions to utilize the same industry-leading portfolio of IPC products, services and solutions as the world's largest banks, brokerages, exchanges and other firms.

The Alliance Express takes the proven capabilities of the most widely deployed, robust, resilient and scalable trading communications system on the market and seamlessly integrates with IPC's intelligent global network of 3,500-plus sites and our 24-hour global, 'follow-the-sun' management to deliver cost-effective solutions for smaller and mid-sized trading firms, said Mark Miller, director of IPC Product Management. In addition to leveraging the world's largest On-Net community, we've put together aggressive, flexible pricing options for solutions optimized to enable smaller firms to deploy streamlined solutions for today's trading environments.

Streamlined and fully integrated, Alliance Express can be configured from a minimum of five trading positions up to 32 traders and 120 lines and features easy-to-understand, per-position pricing -- including financing options. It also offers optional IPC Nexus Suite System Interconnect and Enterprise Reach for interoperability with PBX systems and offers cost-effective voice recording options.

Alliance Express features IPC's highly intuitive IQ/MAX turrets, leveraging Voice-over-IP technology and delivering maximum clarity, speed, control and power to traders' fingertips.

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IPC is a leading provider of indispensable financial trading communications solutions to the world's leading financial services firms and global enterprises. With 35 years of expertise and innovation, IPC provides its customers with global systems and solutions, as well as a suite of products and enhanced services that includes advanced Voice-over-IP technology and integrated network and 24x7x365 management services for more than 40 countries. Based in Jersey City, N.J., IPC has approximately 900 employees throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific regions. For more information, visit

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