BNEI BRAK, Israel, December 21, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Mayanei Hayeshua Medical Center (MYMC) is the first Israeli hospital to give iPad technology to its doctors, for use both on and off-site. Medical staff can now check patient records, test results, hi-resolution X-rays and CT scans, report on patient progress and plan ongoing treatment using the latest hand-held computers.

MYMC has embraced this latest and most desirable technology by investing in the latest iPad version 4.2, customized for use in Hebrew. This allows clinicians instant touch-screen access to patient records and medical information via secure password-protected internet. MYMC's IT team have programmed the Apple iPad to interact with the Microsoft Chameleon program used by the hospital.

Dr. Yoram Liwer, CEO of Mayanei Hayeshua, explains: "The picture quality on the iPad screen enables our doctors to check high-resolution x-ray and scan images, either on the wards or from outside the hospital, and to diagnose and prescribe treatment immediately at any time. The iPad is recognized today as a leading medical tool, bringing many benefits to patients and hospital staff.

"A recent patient survey confirmed the importance of enabling doctors to check the status of patients and direct their treatment immediately, within or outside the hospital - it was ranked 8.6 out of 10 by the patients we interviewed. That is why we are using the latest devices and healthcare technology to help revolutionize patient care at our hospital, which is already known as one of the most progressive hospitals in Israel and internationally."

Dr. Nir Cohen, head of Mayanei Hayeshua's Orthopaedic Surgery Department, explains the clinical benefits of using the iPad: "As head of the department, even working late at night from home, I can now give direction to medical staff during operations using my iPad, and check that vital treatment records have been entered correctly into the hospital system. This can help to speed up surgical procedures, reducing the time spent under anaesthetic, to the benefit of patients."