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IVT, the word leading Bluetooth technology specialist, announces it has ported its popular Bluetooth application software, BlueSoleil 5.0 on Windows XP/Vista onto the Linux Operating System (kernel 2.6 or above), providing Linux users with the same look and feel GUI and functionalities. IVT will demonstrate it at Taipei Computex, June 3-7 in Bluetooth Pavilion.

"Due to its wide distribution of over 25 million copies in 145 countries and easy access from , BlueSoleil has become the de facto standard for Bluetooth product interoperability. Our new Linux version also follows the same design philosophy of BlueSoleil 5.0: ease of use. It has hidden the complex Bluetooth concepts, with just three clicks. It allows a user to establish a connection with a local device within a single window. With all the innovative applications inherited from BlueSoleil 5.0, BlueSoleil Linux version significantly enhances the usability of Ultra Mobile PCs," stated Dan Tian, IVT's director of windows application.

"BlueSoleil Linux version supports many different flavours of Linux, such as Ubuntu, Debian, Moblin and Redflag. IVT also offers a dedicated team for additional GUI customisation services, and free evaluation copies from," commented Jack Yang, IVT's director of sales and marketing. For licensing, contact, +886-936101005.

About IVT

IVT is a world major supplier of Bluetooth software, and a leading supplier of Bluetooth Extended Range (over 500 meters) Cordless Telephony Profile enabled, quad-band GSM phone and PSTN/SIP/UMA access points for Fixed-Mobile Convergence.

Since 1999, IVT has continually developed leading edge products including Bluetooth host stack and profiles source code, conformance & interoperability testers, and application software (BlueSoleil) which have shipped over 25 million copies as of April 30, 2008 in 145 countries for PCs, laptops, PDAs, Personal Navigation Devices and Smart phones.

IVT's products and solutions are widely adopted by over one hundred and fifty customers worldwide including Lenovo, HP, British Telecom, Motorola, Samsung, LG, Ricoh, Panasonic, Mitac, and Wistron, etc.

Many Bluetooth chip makers in the world, such as Accelsemi, Atheros, CSR, Conwise, 3DSP, Broadcom, Marvel, NSC, RFMD, SiRF collaborate with IVT, and in many cases supply IVT's Bluetooth software to their customers.

IVT also provides design services, interoperability testing services, and Bluetooth BQB qualification support via its Interoperability Testing Centre (

Bluetooth trademarks are owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc., licensed to IVT.

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