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IVT, a major global supplier of Bluetooth software, announced it has released the world's first Bluetooth V3.0+HS commercial stack for Intel's Moblin and Google's Android platforms.

IVT has been actively involved in developing the Bluetooth standards on a number of Bluetooth Technical Working groups, and was recognized by the Bluetooth SIG as a major contributor on developing the latest Bluetooth technology.

IVT's Bluetooth host protocol stack and profiles have a long history; it was the world's first commercial Bluetooth host stack, released in November 1999; it is widely used, mature, efficient with a very small code size, suitable for embedded applications including mobile applications and desktop applications; it supports multi-OS, multiple Bluetooth silicon, almost all the Bluetooth profiles, and is the de facto standard for interoperability in the industry; it is the core of IVT's most popular application software - BlueSoleil for Win 2000, XP, Vista, CE and Linux (e.g. Moblin and Android). IVT can offer the ANSI C source code of its Bluetooth host stack and all profiles.

On top of its own latest Bluetooth V3.0+HS stack, IVT is now developing BlueSoleil 7.0 multi-wireless connection manager, which can support multiple radios with rich applications and can run on Window 2000, XP, Vista and Window 7, Moblin and Android.

About IVT:

IVT is a major global supplier of Bluetooth software, Fixed-Mobile Convergence terminal solutions, proximity marketing systems and mobile healthcare systems (

IVT's leading edge products include its Bluetooth V3.0+HS host stack and profiles source code, application software, BlueSoleil ( which has shipped in excess of 30 million copies to over 145 countries - for PCs, laptops, PDAs, MID, Personal Navigation Devices and Smart phones, Bluetooth CTP (Cordless Telephony Profile) enabled GSM phones, and PSTN/SIP/UMA Access Points, and mobile healthcare systems.

Many of the world's leading Bluetooth chip makers, such as Accelsemi, Avago, CSR, 3DSP, Intel, Marvell, and ISSC work with IVT and supply IVT's Bluetooth software to their customers. Since 2008, IVT has become Intel's MID worldwide Bluetooth solution provider on Moblin. Today, MIDs from Compal and BENQ are shipped with IVT BlueSoleil Linux version. IVT has filed 48 invention patents in China, among these, 19 patents were granted. IVT also had 18 PCT international filings.

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