MERIGNAC, France, July 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Jérôme Perrotte, 55, has recently
been made Director of Development at Cortix, the market leader in France and
Europe for Internet site creation. With 30 years experience in large
international groups (Polycom, Peoplesoft), he has gained a real understanding
of the issues surrounding new technologies. By creating this new post, Cortix
will be able to use his knowledge to meet its objective of developing new
business opportunities in the market place.

The Objectives of the Director of Development

Jérôme Perrotte is the first Director of Development at Cortix. His
appointment by the French group based in Mérignac underlines its commitment to
growth and expansion. The main objectives for Jérôme Perrotte will be to
identify and develop new products and distribution channels, both in France and
abroad. He will be responsible for all the company's development plans,
especially in the areas of partnership agreements or merger-acquisitions.

And his work has already begun to bear fruit! A first white-label partnership
has just been agreed between Cortix and a multimedia communications agency which
will provide a new and dynamic service for our Internet site operations.

Cortix, Strong Growth Potential

After a long career with large and mostly American international companies,
Jérôme Perrotte is today looking forward to using his experience to help a
company which operates on a human scale. It is also important for him to be
involved at the very heart of the company's strategic thinking in order to make
a positive and effective contribution. And finally, at the present time of
crisis, he is looking forward to taking up the challenge of achieving company
growth: Cortix has considerable potential, not only with the current target
market of SMEs and microbusinesses, but also in other sectors. In a few years
time, why shouldn't we be dealing with larger organizations? Whatever happens,
it is clear to me that the future of Cortix and that of the Internet in general
will be based on providing more services, especially in e-commerce and

Further information and visuals are available on request.

Cortix Key Info - French market leader in Internet site creation - Year founded:
1999 - Head Office: Mérignac, Gironde, France - Listed on the stock exchange
since 2007, Chairman Hassane Hamza - 20,000 sites currently - 450 employees -
Sales 2007-2008: euro 28.3m - 27 agencies in France and Europe

Cortix press contacts: Territoires Co : Odile Lemoine, +33-5-56-00-89-50,; Claire Iglesias, +33-6-82-91-35-75 Paris : Jean-Julien Pascalet, +33-6-80-21-18-73,

SOURCE: Cortix

Cortix press contacts: Territoires Co : Odile Lemoine, +33-5-56-00-89-50,; Claire Iglesias, +33-6-82-91-35-75 Paris : Jean-Julien Pascalet, +33-6-80-21-18-73,