LONDON, June 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Local charity supporters are baking cakes to raise vital funds for bone cancer research which most commonly affects teenagers and young people aged between 10 and 25. Tea parties, cake sales, auctions, and picnics are just a few of the events organised by supporters of the Bone Cancer Research Trust as part of its Awareness Week 20th - 27th June.

Celebrities are giving their support to the campaign by letting us in on their favourite teatime treats. James Corden known for his role as Smithy in the BBC series Gavin and Stacey has divulged the recipe to Smithy's Cake. and says Bake A Cake is a great idea, every mouthful makes a difference in raising much needed funds to support bone cancer research.

This year we are asking people to Bake A Cake to raise vital funds for research into Bone Cancer. It is a devastating condition with around 400 cases being diagnosed each year and mainly affecting young people. We are grateful to the support we have received from Mr Kipling in running this initiative Says Michael Francis, Chairman of the Bone Cancer Research Trust.

A recent BCRT study shows that the survival of children and young adults with bone cancer in the UK has not improved for 20 years. Yet, on average, a young person cured of the condition could expect to live for a further 60 years.

The two commonest forms of bone cancer are Osteosarcoma and Ewing's sarcoma. Both of these cancers most commonly occur between the ages of 10 and 25. Because these cancers can spread to other parts of the body, even when the tumour is detected at a very small size, treatment includes chemotherapy. Treatment often includes surgery to remove the main tumour and may involve replacing the affected bone with a metal alternative or amputation. Treatment for Ewing's sarcoma is similarly often treated with surgery also includes radiotherapy. Around 400 patients are diagnosed each year in the UK with primary bone cancers.

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About the Bone Cancer Research Trust (BCRT)

A registered charity, the Bone Cancer Research Trust was formed in 2005 as an alliance of a number of established local charities and groups of family and friends of Primary Bone Cancer patients throughout Britain and Ireland. They share a common goal - to promote research into the causes and treatment of Primary Bone Cancer, and in particular of osteosarcoma and Ewing's sarcoma. The Trust has now widened its membership to include Bone Cancer Patients, Medical Practitioners and anyone interested in supporting research into these disabling and life-threatening diseases. This is the second Awareness Week organised by BCRT and the organisation is committed to raising the voice of people with bone cancer and saving lives.

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