NAGOYA, Japan, November 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Ateam Inc. is pleased to announce the November 2, 2009 release of their original Escape Game for WiiWare(TM) titled Aha! I Got It! Escape Game.

* WiiWare is a service accessible to users with the Wii(TM) system connected to the internet, where original software for Wii can be downloaded by using Wii Points(TM).

Aha! I Got It! Escape Game is a puzzle-adventure game which takes advantage of many features Wii has to offer. With players fully utilizing the Wii Remote(TM) to figure out puzzles, this game offers a unique puzzle-solving experience on Wii. Originally released in Japan last December, Aha! I Got It! Escape Game reached No. 2 in the download rankings and was a top 10 game for 2 months.

SPECIAL FEATURES: Solve puzzles by fully utilizing the Wii Remote!!

Shake, push, twist the Wii Remote to solve every puzzle found in the game. Players must think and try different things to ultimately figure out their escape from the puzzling room. For players that may get stuck, Hint medals can be found and used to see assistance on how to proceed. With these medals, everyone from kids to adults is capable of enjoying Aha! I Got It! Escape Game to the very end.

Also for this international release, more game content has been added to increase the volume of the player's experience. So play alone or with family and friends. Combine thinking power and enjoy together the puzzle-solving fun in Aha! I Got It! Escape Game.

GAME STORY: A Birthday Surprise for Milo!!

Today is Milo's birthday and he got an amazing present from his dad ... a room full of puzzles. The room is designed to keep Milo in until he is able to solve his way out. The player, playing as Milo, uses items in the room and finds hidden things to advance. The ultimate goal is to discover the true exit in this Escape Game.

GAME INFORMATION Title: Aha! I Got It! Escape Game System: Wii (WiiWare) Release Date: November 2, 2009 Price: 500 Wii Points Ratings: Americas (ESRB): E - Everyone Europe (PEGI): 3 Germany (USK): 0 Australia, New Zealand (OFLC): G - General Genre: Puzzle-Adventure Players: 1 Game Site: WiiWare Site: Americas: Europe: COMPANY Name: Ateam Inc. Established: February 29, 2000 President: Takao Hayashi Work Summary: Game development. Design, development, and management of mobile digital content, comparison sites, business document request sites, portal sites, and commerce sites. Other internet related projects. * NINTENDO TRADEMARKS USED UNDER LICENSE. WiiWare IS AVAILABLE ONLY THROUGH THE Wii CONSOLE. * ALL OTHER TRADEMARKS ARE THE PROPERTY OF THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS. Contact: Yuko Mayumi, Kensuke Shibata Contents Division, Promotion Group Ateam Inc. Phone: +81-52-527-3082 Fax: +81-52-527-3080 E-mail: URL:

SOURCE: Ateam Inc.

CONTACT: Yuko Mayumi, Kensuke Shibata, Contents Division, Promotion Group,Ateam Inc., Phone: +81-52-527-3082, or Fax: +81-52-527-3080,