ZWIJNDRECHT, The Netherlands, November 26 /PRNewswire/ --

- Cheap Condoms Obtainable in Every Country

ZWIJNDRECHT, The Netherlands, November 26 /PRNewswire/ --

The Dutch Jippy Foundation has started a European campaign for safe sex. From now on the low-priced Jippy-condoms are available for ten cents a piece in all of Europe. According to the foundation, condom prices in Europe are kept at high levels by the main manufacturing companies, while production costs are low. By offering its own cheap condoms in all of Europe, Jippy makes it financially possible for youngsters to have safe sex.

Research shows that the number of cases of AIDS and venereal disease (VD) in Europe is still increasing, which is troubling the European Committee. 10 percent of the 25.000 people, who annually are infected by HIV in Central and Western Europe, are at the age of 15 to 24 and 35 percent are women. Other reports show that the age of youngsters who have sexual intercourse on a regular basis, is dropping fast. A lot of Western-European countries have seen the number of people infected by Chlamydia increasing, starting in the '90's. For instance in Denmark, Ireland, Sweden and the UK. Although the manufacturing price of a condom is less than ten eurocents, sometimes even less than two eurocents, consumers often pay prices between 30 eurocents or 1,20 euro in the store.

The Jippy-campaign is aimed at teenagers between the ages of 12 to 23 and is supported by politicians and doctors. In the Netherlands Jippy condoms are sold in youth centres, schools, supermarkets, pharmacies and specially designed Jippy vending-machines.

For the European market, Jippy has designed a special website on the Internet, in English, German, French, Spanish and Turkish language, where people can order the low priced condoms. After that, they are delivered by a special courier throughout the continent.

Jippy is founded by people working with juveniles and teenage mothers who experienced themselves that high condom prices can lead to unsafe sex, HIV or VD. By manufacturing and distributing its own EU-certified condoms, Jippy proves that prices can be decreased enormously in Europe and throughout the world.

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Note for the press: To require more information contact the Jippy Foundation at: Kapitein Luidingaflat 58, Zwijndrecht, the Netherlands, Telephone +31-78-3150466, e-mail, spokesman Roger Kiekens, +31-6-15549254