ESPOO, Finland, January 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Joikusoft and DNA, a telco from Finland today jointly announced to offer Joikusoft's mobile Wi-Fi HotSpot software solution called JoikuSpot to DNA subscribers. JoikuSpot software turns mobile phones in the DNA network into wireless broadband internet gateways, allowing laptops, iPods and other Wi-Fi devices to connect to DNA's 3G internet service.

DNA is the first operator in the world to offer Wi-Fi based access to wireless broadband service through a mobile phone. The solution is extremely simple and value adding to DNA customers. JoikuSpot software installs to a mobile phone and users may turn JoikuSpot on with one click to transform the phone into a powerful and secured mobile Wi-Fi HotSpot. Coupled with DNA's high speed flat rate mobile data plan, DNA Matkanetti, DNA subscribers can enjoy connection speeds up to 2 Mbit/s. The bandwidth can be shared to allow multiple connections in parallel yet adding to the user value. The internet connection is not limited to laptops as JoikuSpot can also connect iPods, internet tablets, mini-PCs and digital cameras with Wi-Fi.

According to Joikusoft Chairman and Founder Mr. Tom Ojala: With JoikuSpot, DNA customers can now enjoy mobile internet even more, and add value to their wireless broadband subscription. DNA customers can equip their phones easily with JoikuSpot software from both DNA's website and mobile channels at and

Mr. Timo Varsila, Head of DNA's Product Department, states: We want to offer our mobile customers an easy way to access mobile broadband wherever they are, simply by using their mobile phone as an internet gateway. With JoikuSpot software this is possible. JoikuSpot offers an easy, intuitive and affordable new way to access mobile internet. The optimal usage can be achieved with our DNA Matkanetti unlimited mobile broadband data plan.

JoikuSpot is a fully secure mobile internet HotSpot solution, and makes use of the maximum security offered by the underlying powerful Symbian OS platform. The users have full control over who gets to connect to internet through their JoikuSpot access point. JoikuSpot solution won four innovation awards during 2008.

JoikuSpot adds sizeably to the mobile data use. According to JoikuSpot usage statistics from logged sessions, an average user of JoikuSpot consumes roughly 100MB of mobile data a month. More than 30% of JoikuSpot users upgrade their mobile data plans with their network operator to fixed monthly high speed subscriptions. JoikuSpot is made available for commercial operator licencing and can be customized for operator needs.

About Joikusoft

Joikusoft Ltd is a software development house focusing on mobile innovations. Joikusoft was the first in the world to make available a mobile Wi-Fi HotSpot solution for S60. Joikusoft is a privately held company, founded in 2007 and headquartered in Espoo, Finland.

Visit,,, or contact Joiku at for more information.

About DNA

DNA Ltd is a telecommunications group providing high-quality, state-of-the-art voice, data, mobile communications and TV services to private citizens, organisations and corporations in Finland. DNA Group launched its operations on 1 July 2007, and its turnover was EUR 534 million in 2007. DNA has more than 2 million customers. Further information at

Contact: Tom Ojala mobile +358-50-576-5056. Site for the launched product:

Contact: Tom Ojala, mobile +358-50-576-5056,, Site for the launched product: