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- Traffic Speed Forecasting Enables HGVs to Avoid Time-Based Congestion Patterns to Reduce Fuel Consumption

Journey Dynamics, a privately-owned provider of traffic intelligence (, today announces the availability of traffic speed data for Heavy Good Vehicles (HGVs) to forecast accurate speeds across the entire UK road infrastructure. This information, based on high quality floating vehicle data supplied by ITIS Holdings plc, will enable a new generation of HGV speed forecasting applications that are able to predict arrival times, improve journey confidence and minimise the fuel costs by avoiding time-based traffic congestion patterns.

ITIS Holdings, the market-leading traffic information provider, has signed up as the first customer to incorporate the Journey Dynamics HGV traffic speed forecasts into its applications. Journey Dynamics is already a customer of ITIS for its TrafficScience Floating Vehicle Data (FVD) technology and has used this accurate and comprehensive information to seed, calibrate and test its forecasting models.

The launch of the HGV based information follows the launch of the Journey Dynamics traffic intelligence model for cars and Light Goods Vehicles - the first developed for the UK that takes full account of the time of day, day of week, and different vehicle types. The information is available to application developers, device manufacturers, technology partners and third party software developers for logistics companies, to build smarter traffic intelligence into journey planning and navigation device applications.

Stuart Marks, Chief Executive Officer of ITIS, comments, "By combining the highly accurate Journey Dynamics traffic speed forecasting technology with our extensive historic floating-vehicle data database, ITIS will be able to deliver a range of new applications aimed squarely at the logistics and distribution markets. These solutions will help our customers reduce their fuel consumption and carbon emissions. We have worked with many organisations in the traffic analysis marketplace and we believe that Journey Dynamics has produced a comprehensive and quality model for forecasting likely speeds across the UK."

Research completed by Journey Dynamics clearly indicated that their 2007/08 data was four times more accurate in predictions of travel speeds and expected times of arrival for HGVs than providers of static route mapping applications. The new information provides forecasted speeds by time of day and day of week enabling routes to be chosen that are significantly more predicable while avoiding congestion and therefore unnecessary fuel consumption.

John Holland, Chief Executive of Journey Dynamics, comments, "There is now a desperate need for smarter solutions to help offset increasing fuel costs. Enhanced route planning offers an immediate approach to reduce congestion and fuel use. Our traffic intelligence modelling can increase drive time predictability and provide improved time-scheduling of when HGV journeys take place."

Journey Dynamics' traffic speed forecasting technology will also support supply chain optimisation for logistics companies. With improved confidence of each HGV journey, the excess supply in just-in-time delivery can be reduced. Fleet departure times can be adjusted to save fuel by avoiding time-based congestion patterns.

Holland adds, "Armed with real speeds that can be achieved on the roads, commercial vehicle drivers can significantly improve their journeys. This will allow for more predictable arrival times, routes that avoid congestion, and shorter journeys. All of which will result in fuel reduction, benefiting businesses and individuals - as well as clearly aiding the environment."

Journey Dynamics are continuing to develop a range of new products forecasting vehicles speeds across Europe.

About Journey Dynamics

Journey Dynamics is a privately-owned provider of traffic intelligence - traffic speed forecasts with the greatest accuracy and highest levels of confidence across the entire road infrastructure, for all vehicle types, using complex scientific analysis of historical traffic information. By combining this intelligence with real-time traffic analysis our customers are delivering the next generation of smarter, dynamic traffic-enabled applications.

For further information, please contact: Richard Botley John Holland, Chief Executive Officer The itpr Partnership Journey Dynamics t. +44(0)1932-578-800 t. +44(0)1483-685-550

For further information, please contact: Richard Botley, The itpr Partnership, t. +44(0)1932-578-800,; John Holland, Chief Executive Officer, Journey Dynamics, t. +44(0)1483-685-550,