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- New Website Helps Parents Support Their Children's Growth Into Emotionally Healthy, Happy Individuals by Delivering Unsponsored, Science-Based Information Via On-Demand Internet "TV Shows"

Just Ask Baby (, the world's first broadcast-quality online, on-demand TV channel for parents, launched today. Just Ask Baby delivers something every parent wants - the ability to get inside the heads of their children. By filming each TV show from a baby's perspective, Just Ask Baby gives parents never before seen insight into how their children develop socially, emotionally and intellectually.

"Just Ask Baby is filmed extensively from the baby's perspective to help parents understand how the world looks and feels to a child," said Mark Hamilton, Founder. "The videos are entertaining, which makes the information very accessible. But they are also based on the most serious of science, which has developed significantly over the past years. This is not the parenting theory of one person, but the collective thinking of the great scientists of infant development."

Those scientists include Erik Erikson, Jean Piaget and Sigmund Freud among others. Just Ask Baby also has its own Chief Scientific Advisor - David Elkind Ph.D., author of more than a dozen books, including "The Hurried Child" and "The Power of Play," and professor emeritus of Tufts University.

"The scientific foundation of our content lets Just Ask Baby focus solely on social, emotional and intellectual development," continued Hamilton. "We don't push a particular theory of parenting; we provide parents with the tools and information they need to support their child's healthy development and make more informed parenting decisions based on a greater understanding of their child."

Unlike many parenting websites, Just Ask Baby is completely unsponsored and ad-free. "We want Just Ask Baby to rely on parents feeling the information is useful and fun," explained Hamilton. "Not on whether manufacturers think we can help them sell products to parents - products which may or may not be in their and their children's best interests."

Just Ask Baby makes viewing video online as close as possible to a traditional television experience, with the added convenience of offering the content on an on-demand basis. "Our aim was to deliver high-quality online video streaming without the annoying buffering users often experience," said co-founder Michelle Hamilton. "Plus, having the flexibility to watch programming when and how you want is particularly important to busy, time-strapped parents of young children."

Just Ask Baby delivers child development information in the form of science-based "TV shows," which feature the world's first baby "TV host." A nine-month-old baby called Joey introduces all of the videos, each of which covers an important stage in the first year of a child's life from a baby's perspective - everything from stranger anxiety to first steps. Eventually Just Ask Baby will also cover information on the social, emotional and intellectual development of children up to the age of five.

"A fundamental rule of childrearing and education is to gear practice to the developing abilities, needs and interests of the child," said Just Ask Baby's Chief Scientific Advisor, David Elkind Ph.D. "Up until now it has been left to the pediatricians, psychologists and educators to bring this developmental information to parents. Now, for the first time, this information will come from the children themselves. Just Ask Baby provides parents with all the basic development guideposts they need in an attractive and entertaining multimedia format. Indeed, Just Ask Baby might well be subtitled, 'Making Parenting Easier'."

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About Just Ask Baby

Just Ask Baby ( is a website that offers parents science-based information on the social, emotional and intellectual development of their children in the critical early years. This information is delivered through high-quality, streaming online "TV shows," which are filmed from a baby's perspective to enable parents to discover their child's world. The website offers more than 60 videos covering the first year of a child's life, and also gives members access to blogs, articles, forums and their own personalized web pages. The content on Just Ask Baby is completely unsponsored and ad-free.

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For further information: Mark Hamilton, Chief Baby, Just Ask Baby, Telephone: +1-604-961-8991, Facsimile: +1-604-921-4657, Email: