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- Bausch & Lomb Promotes the THINK EYEGIENE(TM) Programme as the Solution for Healthy Eyes

125 million people wear contact lenses worldwide(1) and yet research shows that 98% of those wearing monthly/fortnightly lenses in Europe are not caring for their lenses(2) - or their eyes - properly, putting their eye health at risk. Parallel research shows that patients can be anxious about visiting their eye care professional and so may forget the advice they receive on how to keep their eyes healthy when wearing contact lenses(3). To remedy these findings, Bausch & Lomb is promoting the THINK EYEGIENE campaign as a simple way to help both the eye care professional and contact lens wearer get the maximum benefit from lenses and lens care solutions and maintain healthy eyes.

The THINK EYEGIENE campaign will be rolled out in stages throughout the remainder of 2008 and consists of key product launches and patient tools that will assist eye care professionals and patients in easily distinguishing ways to practice good eye health.

Consistency is key to keeping eyes healthy. Dr Philip Morgan from Eurolens Research at the University of Manchester and leader in improving optician and consumer understanding of the importance of following an established lens care regimen comments; "I am delighted that Bausch & Lomb continues its commitment to improving vision care with the THINK EYEGIENE campaign. The importance of following a regular lens care routine which includes correctly and consistently cleaning and storing lenses has long been established. Campaigns such as THINK EYEGIENE should help patients be more aware of the importance of maintaining optimum eye health and better equip eye care professionals to provide their patients with optimum vision and eye care."

Bausch & Lomb recognises that convenience is instrumental in helping contact lens wearers practice good EYEGIENE and so has developed a series of innovative products to offer choice to consumers and help the busy contact lens wearer make the most of their vision care. This latest example of this is the brand new ReNu(R) OnTheGo Pack, launched in July and available throughout the EU. Containing two small bottles of ReNu MultiPlus(R) solution, two lens cases and a care instruction leaflet with guidance on how to practice good EYEGIENE, the pack is bundled in an eye-catching pouch specially made for those going to the gym, participating in sports, on a night out or those simply needing to carry ReNu in their handbag.

The new ReNu OnTheGo pack sits alongside the innovative ReNu Flight Pack, pioneered by Bausch & Lomb just last year. The ReNu Flight Pack ensures that consumers do not have to compromise on contact lens care when travelling abroad and abiding by stricter flight security. This hugely popular item can not only be found in pharmacies, but train stations and airports throughout the EU. A part of this product arsenal is the ReNu Compliance Kit, which directly supports the THINK EYEGIENE programme by helping eye care professionals better educate their patients on the importance of complying with the correct lens care routine. Patient education is crucial to ensure consumers appreciate the importance of practicing good EYEGIENE and also ensures they better understand what they can expect from their lens care. This improved understanding may reduce any anxiety they have regarding wearing contact lenses and may help to increase how often they confidently choose contact lenses(3).

"THINK EYEGIENE is a critically important campaign for Bausch & Lomb, as ensuring optimum eye health for all contact lens wearers is central to everything we do. Bausch & Lomb is very proud to promote this programme and the new products and educational initiatives which support it, to help improve consumer awareness of maintaining good eye health," comments Colette Connors, Director of European Marketing for Bausch & Lomb's lens care portfolio. "To support this exciting programme, Bausch & Lomb is pleased to offer consumers more choice in looking after their lenses than ever before. The ReNu MPS lens care solution for sensitive eyes, ReNu MultiPlus solution for Fresh Lens comfort and EasySEPT hydrogen peroxide solution for soft contact lens care offer consumers real choice when caring for their lenses. Engaging packaging for all lens care options, including striking new packaging for EasySEPT, brings a sense of positive energy and motivation to practice good EYEGIENE."

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Notes to Editors

About the THINK EYEGIENE(TM) Programme

As part of a healthy lens care routine it is important to clean and disinfect contact lenses after each use to remove build-up, debris and protein. Properly rubbing and rinsing the lenses keeps them comfortable and helps maintain healthy eyes. Bausch & Lomb recommend the following to contact lens wearers:

- Wash your hands before handling your lenses - Use fresh solution to store your lenses each time you place your lenses in their case - Replace your lens case every 30 days - Ensure the solution bottle is closed after use - Contact your practitioner immediately if your eyes become very red, sensitive to light or uncomfortable.

About the Survey

The survey was conducted online amongst 1,402 monthly or fortnightly contact lens wearers, across seven countries in Europe (UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Russia and Poland). The research, led by Dr Philip Morgan from Eurolens Research and funded through an educational grant by Bausch & Lomb, investigated how compliant contact lens wearers are with their lens care routine to help identify how Bausch & Lomb could best help consumers maintain optimum eye health.

About ReNu(R) OnTheGo Pack

The ReNu OnTheGo Pack is an exciting new product developed by Bausch & Lomb to help those leading an active lifestyle practice good EYEGIENE contact lens care while "on the go". The pack contains two small 60ml bottles of ReNuMutliPlus solution, two lens cases, a care instruction leaflet with guidance on how to look after contact lenses and practice good EYEGIENE and is all held in an ultra-convenient zippered pouch. Introduced in time for hectic summer lifestyles, the OnTheGo pack was launched in July and is widely available from eye care professionals across Europe.

Flight Pack

The ReNu MutliPlus Flight Pack is a new convenient solution developed by Bausch & Lomb to tackle the safety regulations imposed at airports which limit all carry-on liquids to 100ml. The Flight Pack includes 2 small 60ml bottles of ReNu MulitPlus solution and 2 lens cases as well as a care instruction leaflet with guidance on how to look after contact lenses while away. The pack is all held in an environmentally friendly plastic zip-bag which meets the size restrictions of most European airports. Available in most airports and from eye care professionals across Europe, the flight pack offers contact lens wearers a convenient solution to practicing good EYEGIENE while away from home.

ReNu Compliance Kit

The ReNu MPS compliance kit, is an innovative package developed by Bausch & Lomb Europe, to counteract the poor compliance of consumers when caring for their contact lenses. The kit contains guidance for both eye care professionals and consumers on the importance of hand washing with soap and water before handling lenses, using fresh solution each day to store lenses, replacing lens cases every 30 days, ensuring the solution bottle is tightly closed and contacting an eye care professional if the eyes become red, sensitive to light or uncomfortable. The kit has now been used extensively by eye care professionals across Europe and is part of a wider compliance framework.

About Bausch & Lomb

Bausch & Lomb is the eye health company, dedicated to perfecting vision and enhancing life for consumers and eye health professionals around the world. Its core businesses include soft and rigid gas permeable contact lenses and lens care products, and ophthalmic surgical and pharmaceutical products. The Bausch & Lomb name is one of the best known and most respected healthcare brands in the world.

Founded in 1853, the company is headquartered in Rochester, N.Y. More information can be found at

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For further information please contact: Ann Blumenstock/ Arran Titley, Red Door Communications, +44(0)2083928040, +44(0)7788543537/ +44(0)7812398525; B&L EHQ Contact, Colette Connors, Bausch & Lomb, +44(0)2087815559, .