LEICESTER, England, December 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Web users who shop at KitchenScience.co.uk now have the ability to write reviews of products they have purchased on the site, which they can link to from their own personal blogs.

This idea uses Trackbacks, a protocol that was originally developed and used by blogging platforms.

So how do Trackbacks work?

A customer writes a review on their blog, which links to the relevant product page on http://www.KitchenScience.co.uk. Kitchen Science then publishes a link to the customer's blog at the bottom of the product page within External Reviews.

When a potential customer then visits the Kitchen Science website (http://www.kitchenscience.co.uk) they will see External Reviews listed at the bottom of the product page. When they click on one of these links they will be taken straight through to the product review on the blogger's site.

The benefits of Trackbacks

1. The product review is integrated into the user's existing blog, allowing them to maintain control of their own content. 2. The link from the Kitchen Science product page provides free traffic to their blog which is a great boost for niche bloggers. 3. The blogger can use their own images and content including videos and flash when creating the reviews, making them exciting and interactive for potential customers as well as presenting a truly independent source of information on a product. 4. If the customer likes the blog they visit, they may become a follower which will increase the regular traffic to the blogger's site.

New Jamie Oliver Tefal range now in stock at Kitchen Science

Jamie Oliver has teamed up with Tefal to create a new range of electrical kitchen appliances.

The stylish line-up includes a liquidiser, food processor and multifunctional grill. The gadgets are styled in black and stainless steel and according to Tefal they are designed to 'make cooking easier and your kitchen more stylish'.

Jamie is known for his real passion for good solid simple cooking and he has carried this ethos through to the products he has designed.

Jamie Oliver Tefal Liquidiser, GBP34.00 at KitchenScience.co.uk The 500W liquidiser offers two speeds plus pulse and ice crush programs. It comes with a 1.5L glass jug and sharpened, serrated blades.

Jamie Oliver Tefal Food Processor, GBP67.89 at KitchenScience.co.uk The 750W food processor features 'Perfect Mix' - a patented blender design. This works using an off-centre blade and an angled base which is designed to blend ingredients more effectively. The food processor has a 2 litre capacity and the detachable blender has a 1.25 capacity. The Processor comes with 5 removable blades and has a storage drawer to hold them.

Jamie Oliver Tefal MultiFuctional Grill, GBP58.29 at KitchenScience.co.uk The three-in-one multifunctional grill has oven, barbecue and grill modes, with a non stick coated cooking plate. It has integrated juice trays for draining fats and juices, two removable dishwasher-safe plates and a detachable cord.

SOURCE: KitchenScience

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