COLOGNE, Germany, September 22, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Eastman Kodak Company , announced the global availability of its new KODAK Picture Kiosk Software v4.0, offering powerful new features and enhancements to Kodak Kiosk, including a number of industry firsts such as Kodak Video Snapshots, Kodak's Pet Eye Retouch, Kodak's Facial Retouch and true one-touch premium products. The new features are available now in stores throughout the US, Canada and Germany, and are rolling out now through other parts of Europe, Australia and South America.

Installations of the new KODAK Picture Kiosk Software v4.0 at major U.S. retailers are already demonstrating the new platform's ability to engage and inspire consumers to create highly profitable premium photo products:

- Recent usage data from Kodak kiosks with KODAK Picture Kiosk software 4.0 installed at leading retailers indicated that one touch premium upsells are enjoying an amazing acceptance rate of greater than 5% translating into incremental retailer revenue of over US$800 per year per kiosk. - Initial test results at a major retailer indicate that multiple prints per day/per store, representing up to US$600 in potential retailer revenue per year, could result from the new connectivity to online photo sites such as KODAK Gallery, FACEBOOK and PICASA WEB ALBUMS made possible by the new Kodak Kiosk software - and the test was performed without any promotion or advertising. - Consumer research shows that 65 percent of consumers were likely to use Kodak's Pet Eye Retouch feature, and remarkably, 28 percent would be willing to change where they print to get it. (1)

Kodak's commitment to retailers is to deliver a superior consumer experience in store that translates into tangible profit opportunity, said Nicoletta Zongrone, General Manager and Vice President, Eastman Kodak Company. Our retailer partners love the new Kiosk software because it solves imaging problems that have been barriers to expanding photo merchandising, and at the same time, inspires consumers go beyond the 4x6 prints - to easily create truly memorable photo keepsakes.

New features of KODAK Picture Kiosk Software v4.0 solve real problems for consumers and retailers:

- In 2010, consumers around the world will capture over 4.5 million terabytes of video, most of which currently stay locked in digital files. Kodak's Video Snapshots unlocks these-in-the-moment video images and lets consumers use them to create prints, collages, greeting cards, photo books and calendars, or store them on a CD making them easier to share and relive. The ability to make memorable still prints, photo books and collages that consumers can be enjoy at a glance presents an enormous opportunity for retailers.(2) - With 62 million pet households in the European Union alone (3), pets rank in the top four of all captured images.(3) Kodak's Pet Eye Retouch allows these consumers to fix the very common and problematic pet eye glare caused by flash photography of their furry companions. - Helping people look their best, Kodak's market-proven Facial Retouch Feature, at the touch of one button smoothes wrinkles, diminishes and/or erases blemishes and improves skin tone for more perfect photo keepsakes. This technology was successfully tested and launched with major European retailers and is now available to all Kodak retail partners around the globe. - The new Software v4.0 also gives consumers using the KODAK Picture Kiosk the ability to access the photos they have stored or shared on the KODAK Gallery, FACEBOOK and PICASA WEB ALBUMS, and easily use them to create photo keepsakes in minutes right in the store. With more than 500 Million active consumers(4) and more than three billion photos uploaded each month(5) to these sites, the software offers retailers a huge opportunity to market their unique in-store services to these users. - Designed to help consumers become aware of the powerful new sharing solutions, and retailers to increase market basket opportunity, the new software now offers a complete suite of merchandising tools. Fresh, lively welcome screen messaging offers ideas for new projects right from the start, and the intelligent one-touch premium upsell feature creates animated product suggestions using the consumer's own images, allowing her to purchase an additional product instantly with the touch of one button.

In addition to exciting new features, KODAK Picture Kiosk Software v4.0 takes work out for the consumer. The new software requires fewer consumer touches, writes KODAK Picture CDs up to 33 percent faster, and creates KODAK Photo Books faster and more easily than with previous generation solutions. This translates into less queuing, improved customer satisfaction and more profit potential per minute.

KODAK Picture Kiosk Software v4.0 is in many stores now. For more information on this and other exciting solutions visit or come visit us at Photokina in Cologne, Germany.

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