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- LaDress and the Perfect Dress

Although LaDress has a relatively short history, many women have already fallen in love with the vision of its founder Simone van Trojen and her years of pursuit for the perfect dress. LaDress, the label that stands for fabulous dresses that you can wear every day, anytime, has by now acquired many loyal fans around the globe. Based on a seemingly simple button-through dress, available in gorgeous colours and materials, the philosophy of LaDress is a fashion lover's dream come true. Not only for Simone, but in fact for all women searching for that one perfect dress for any occasion.

LaDress... the continuation of a successful story

For LaDress, perfection is never enough. All the more reason for Simone van Trojen to continue her pursuit of a mission that has now resulted in the introduction of a second and third version of the ideal dress. Two new dresses that guarantee the same perfect fit. Two dresses that you can wear anywhere, anytime. Two dresses that once again will conquer the hearts of women around the world!

LaDress introduces Cameron...

She is called Cameron. She is lively and elegant and knows precisely what she wants. This new stylish, easy-to-wear dress is made of top quality denim with a soft and refined touch. Completed with a matching belt and chic oversized buttons, this is a wonderful dress. Cameron's sisters, Marylin & Ruby are made in camel and white cotton with a soft Lycra touch, which emphasizes their delicious comfyness.

LaDress Limited Edition

In addition to stylish Cameron, LaDress has introduced a limited edition of Marlene & Drew. Charming and super delicate, these silk wraparound dresses are lovingly detailed, featuring bows at the end of the sleeves to create a heightened feminine accent. These gorgeous dresses with a hint of Lycra for extra comfort are designed in stunningly decorative and sophisticated polka dot prints and manufactured in an array of dazzling colours. Drew is chic black, sprinkled with white polka dots. Marlene is warm red with gold dots. The silk dresses are also available in royal purple, intensive gray and midnight blue.

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