PARIS and LONDON, November 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Lancome is delighted to announce its commitment as patron of the Carla Bruni-Sarkozy Foundation.

Established in spring 2009, the Carla Bruni-Sarkozy Foundation aims to encourage access to culture, education and knowledge in order to fight exclusion and social inequality. Its programs will go to initiatives for the most vulnerable in society, those disadvantaged by social and economic background, by ethnic origin, or by mental and physical disability.

The Carla Bruni-Sarkozy Foundation comprises several programs designed to promote the fight against illiteracy, access to arts and culture, digital solidarity by diffusing free and qualitative artistic content, and last but by no means least, access for students from even the most modest backgrounds to major art schools.

Lancome has chosen to pledge its support to this latter cause, given its unfailing faith in the fundamental role education has to play in the development of young talent. This commitment is perfectly in tune with the brand's natural proximity to the realms of art and beauty, whilst staying true to its vocation: to accompany every woman and man on their quest for personal fulfilment and thereby reveal the richness of their individual personality.

This program, given the name Lancome Revelations, has been developed for students in their final year of French high school in disadvantaged communities. For many of them, due to a lack of means, information or due to self-censorship, studies in art seem unthinkable. The program's mission is to introduce these students to the creative professions, bring out their artistic abilities, reveal their true talent, and accompany them as they pursue further studies. The goal: to open up new horizons.

The Lancome Revelations program will support students throughout the school year by: - Enabling them to discover the diverse range of creative professions: architect, furniture designer, graphic designer, model maker, landscape painter, photographer, fashion designer...; - Helping them to identify the professions which most closely match their individual skills and aspirations; - Organising artistic master classes during which teachers will invite outside speakers to share their expertise; - Providing access to monthly themed outings linked to culture and the arts; - Offering personalised educational guidance: visiting art schools for example; - Helping to prepare students for entrance exams to the very best art schools.

In the program's first year, the support offered by Lancome will benefit around twenty high schools, all located in disadvantaged communities and spread across the whole of France.

In my opinion, Lancome epitomises French beauty. This makes the brand the perfect partner for a program designed to show young people in difficulty that pursuing a career in the arts really is possible and that art and culture offer a wealth of future possibilities and job opportunities in exciting professions. It's all about equal opportunities, the same hope for everyone, but more than that - personal development and fulfilment.

Mrs Carla Bruni-Sarkozy

Since its creation, Lancome has been THE brand for women - a brand that represents the true essence of French beauty. Today, Lancome is extremely honoured to have been chosen by Mrs Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, the First Lady of France, to help restore young people's confidence, enabling them to envisage a fulfilling future in the arts. This commitment comes completely naturally to Lancome, a brand with the firm conviction that genuinely sustainable growth cannot be achieved without societal responsibility.

Youcef Nabi, President Lancome International

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SOURCE: Lancome, Paris

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