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Lewtan Technologies(TM), Inc., provider of asset-backed securities surveillance data, analytics, software, and content for the global securitization industry, today announced the availability of Structuring Assistant, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that enables business users without programming backgrounds to quickly and efficiently model all different types of structured finance deals.

"With Structuring Assistant, we're arming the business user with a powerful yet intuitive new tool for creating, manipulating, and stress-testing deal models," said Usman Ismail, executive vice president of Lewtan. "By giving our customers a better understanding of deals, we're helping them get a better handle on risk and volatility."

Structuring Assistant was initially created to enable Lewtan's own team of financial experts to model deals quickly and accurately. Issuers and structurers use Structuring Assistant to reduce risk, communicate more effectively with investors, and enable their treasury departments to work with underwriters to form deals. Investors use Structuring Assistant to perform both credit risk and prepayment risk analyses of their tranches.

Create and Maintain Deal Models Without Programming

Users access Structuring Assistant via a user-friendly web interface, which enables them to create and run deal models without intensive vendor support or IT involvement. No programming knowledge is required. Deals maybe be modeled from scratch, or users may draw on the provided set of deal models as a starting point. Data may be entered manually or loaded electronically. Models created with Structuring Assistant may be downloaded to local environments.

Structuring Assistant supports group modeling, so users can take a team approach. Sharing models and working together on transactions during the modeling/analysis phases helps users improve the caliber and the consistency of models. Furthermore, unlike models generated using spreadsheets, models created with Structuring Assistant are documented and auditable.

Accommodates All Types of Deals

Structuring Assistant enables users to conceptualize, model, analyze, and communicate information about structured finance transactions such as residential and commercial mortgages, consumer installment loans, leveraged loans (CLOs), and equipment leases. To provide an accurate representation of deals, Structuring Assistant supports all transaction elements, including various tranche types, hedging instruments, fees, credit supports, liquidity facilities, ledgers, and triggers.

Structuring Assistant can model all types of deals, including term, revolving, and master trust transactions. Collateral may be represented at the asset level, aggregated into rep-lines, or loaded into the software as a predefined cash-flow/amortization schedule. Users have complete control over the definition and navigation of the waterfall.

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