EINDHOVEN, The Netherlands, February 17 /PRNewswire/ -- NXP Software has launched a range of multimedia software products to improve user experiences on Android-based mobile devices. This LifeVibes for Android portfolio includes high-quality online video playback with fast start-up and channel zapping, plus intuitive shoot-shape-share for social media. Other products allow for advanced media editing; easy content conversion for sharing in social media; and voice enhancements supporting state of the art noise and echo cancellation for cellular, VoIP and video telephony use cases.

Android is an exciting platform, especially for consumers who want to get the most out of today's connected world with online multimedia and social networking. By providing LifeVibes products for Android, we're helping device makers provide rich, high quality experiences that will set their devices apart, says Peter Van de Berg, Marketing Director of NXP Software.

The LifeVibes for Android portfolio builds on NXP Software's proven multimedia software which have been deployed in more than half a billion mobile devices. The software can be supplied as turn-key applications as well as Android Framework extensions (SDKs) for application development. Integration has been done with the latest Android versions, so compatibility is guaranteed.

Consequently, the products allow handset manufacturers to extend the Android platform's capabilities quickly and cost-effectively, and provide differentiating, best-in-class multimedia on Android phones today. For operators and service providers, integrating LifeVibes for Android products drives service usage through a much better user experience.

The expanding LifeVibes for Android portfolio currently includes LifeCapture with MediaArtist (intuitive content shaping) and MediaShare (easier content sharing), MusicExperience (rich controls and enhancements to fine-tune sound), QuickPlayer (online media player with fast start-up and zapping), and Voice (echo and noise cancellation).

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SOURCE: NXP Software

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