LONDON, November 17 /PRNewswire/ -- LightSleeper projects a light onto the ceiling in a controlled, circular motion. Following it with your eyes encourages the mind to relax into a good night's sleep. It switches off automatically after 30 minutes and can be reactivated easily by tapping it gently. For the thousands of people who want a self-help solution, LightSleeper's arrival into the consumer electronics market will be welcome news.

Research, compiled for the launch, shows that we're crying out for a good sleep solution in the UK. LightSleeper's research found that a staggering 64% of us have a bad night's sleep at least once a week, with nearly one in five having sleep problems every night of the week.

Popular tactics for tackling insomnia include watching TV, using the computer and playing computer games. But gadget-lovers are being warned to switch off in good time before bed. Sleep expert Dr Neil Stanley says Switch off the TV, computer, mobile phone and iPod at least 45 minutes before you want to go to sleep; over-stimulating the brain just before bedtime is bad news.

LightSleeper has been launched by Quincom, a British company with a passion for developing new products, and has been designed and manufactured in the UK.

Kate Evans, Quincom's Design Manager, came up with the concept whilst studying design, when she suffered from insomnia. Kate comments, I had terrible problems sleeping. My final year project was to design a solution to a problem suffered within a 24 hour society. I naturally chose to look into sleeping habits. I learned that the way the eyes track a book when reading can be soothing but that reading itself stimulates the mind. I then looked for a solution that made use of the relaxing eye movement that reading induces, but without the mind whirring.

When she presented the idea to Quincom, the company quickly identified a gap in the market and recognised LightSleeper's commercial potential.

LightSleeper is a small, stylish product, currently being sold via at GBP125. It will also be available shortly on

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