LONDON, August 10, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Although buying things through a mobile can still seem a little bit Star Trek, this is exactly where the future of shopping is heading. Smartphones are officially the new way to buy; so get set for the shopping revolution.

Picture it: you're on Oxford Street, you have a 45 minute lunch break and an evening in an exclusive new bar planned with your girlfriends. Not one to be outshone in the fashion stakes, you obviously need something fresh and fabulous to wear. This familiar situation quickly escalates to severe panic and an Olympic-challenging sprint through every shop in the vicinity. The result is a badly-fitting, over-priced outfit that outside the changing room makes you feel more dog's dinner than cat's whiskers....ripped-off rather than ravishing.

Imagine instead slowly pushing open gleaming gold doors, a marble floor sparkles while the delicate scent of vanilla orchid lingers in the air. Calmly you approach the smiling sales assistant, produce your iphone, and - shazaam ! - as if by magic, in minutes you're effortlessly gliding out of the shop with this season's most coveted new dress. What's more, you didn't even have to pay the GBP500 listed on the tag. Oh the things shopping dreams are made of....

Well, prepare for the dream to become reality.

Using your phone like a wallet is not simply a space-saving idea, which makes carrying that Alexander McQueen skull clutch just a little bit easier, in addition to this multi-tasking bonus, mobile commerce offers the shopper so much more.

In keeping with our time-starved society's mantra of convenience, convenience, convenience, mobile shopping has the ease of internet browsing - with plenty of added extras. The joyful element of actually walking into a shop is returned, without the stress of not knowing where to go, or what to buy. The most exciting and innovative part of mobile commerce comes through joining smart buying clubs such as Glamoo, which use unique GPRS technology to send bespoke, location-based offers.

Simone Ranucci, CEO of Glamoo, says: With around 57 million Europeans already using smartphones, and the demand for convenience increasing, mobile commerce will see a dramatic expansion during the next few years. Recent studies have predicted that mobile commerce will account for 10% of goods and services purchased in Europe in 2012, which tots up to a hefty spend of around EUR1 billion (Score MobiLens: 2010). Mobile commerce is destined to transform today's shopping experience beyond recognition. It's not just the consumer who will benefit from these changes however; because through Glamoo, brands will be able to interact directly with customers, increasing trust levels.

Forget panic and pavement-pounding. Forget impersonal shopping by keyboard. The future is out there, and for those that pride themselves on being ahead of the curve, taking advantage of smartphone technology is essential. To streamline that shopping experience, joining a buying club like Glamoo is essential. Not only will purchasing become pleasurable once again, you'll be the envy of everyone, with the very best insights on where to eat, shop and celebrate.

Embrace the future of shopping - what's not to love?

Notes to Editors

Glamoo was conceived in March 2010 by a group of pioneering European businessmen with a mission to revolutionise the everyday shopping experience. The organisation is backed by multinational leader in the mobile entertainment market, Buongiorno, who recently announced their investment in the new service.

Already present in Italy and the United Kingdom, Glamoo has plans to open in all major European countries. The Club caters to fashionable professionals with a high disposable income offering consumers a wide range of customised, geolocalised and unique buying opportunities through internet or mobile phone. It is completely free for members to join Glamoo, and specialist lifestyle consultants will manage the distribution of relevant offers everyday via an eNewsletter.

By connecting to a highly coveted market segment, brands who work with Glamoo will have access to a SoLo promotional platform, using innovative sales channels online and through the iphone application. Glamoo enables partners to cover a vast amount of advertising space at one time, attracting new customers and increasing revenue without the monetary risks involved when relying on traditional marketing.

Co-founder and CEO of Glamoo is Simone Ranucci Brandimarte. For the past 15 years Simone has been a leading figure in mobile and digital business across Europe, Asia and the USA. He now brings his extensive knowledge and expertise, in all aspects of this growing sector, to his role as CEO and founder of Glamoo.

Prior to establishing Glamoo in early 2010, Simone was a founding member of Buongiorno, a leading multinational organisation active in mobile marketing and digital entertainment. Simone was Managing Director of Buongiorno's European offices in the UK, Spain and Germany, as well as Vice-President of the Marketing Services division.

Following his early success within the Buongiorno group, in 2005 Simone was appointed CEO/COO of Buongiorno Hong Kong, a joint venture between Mitsui Group and Buongiorno. During this role Simone successfully managed the expansion of Buongiorno's Mobile Content and Mobile Commerce across Pan-Asia and Russia.

Simone has been an advisor and board member to many internet and mobile companies and associations over the years, including the Mobile Marketing Association, the premier global trade group.

SOURCE: Glamoo Ltd

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