CHICAGO, January 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Manthan Systems, a leading provider of retail analytics and business intelligence solutions, today announced a strategic partnership with LakeWest Group, a premier independent retail management consulting firm, to offer Manthan's ARC Merchandise Planning system to US retailers.

With capabilities like allocation and assortment planning, grading and clustering, range planning, forecasting and optimization, OTB management for seasonal and non-seasonal merchandise, ARC Merchandise Planning provides a complete range of planning capabilities in retail merchandising.

President CEO of LakeWest Group, Mr. Ken Morris said, We're excited with our partnership with Manthan. With our mutually complementing capabilities and our strong common background in providing retail solutions, this partnership will look to equip US retailers with superior planning and decision making capabilities to optimize business performance, compete better, and create significant customer value.

CEO of Manthan Systems, Mr. Atul Jalan added, ARC merchandise planning system will help retailers make better assortment and allocation decisions. With Manthan's strong background and core competence in retail analytics, we were well positioned to create a solution that is unique compared to other planning systems in the market today. The analytic approach enables greater depth and quality in the solution's planning outputs by using information from diverse data sets in the planning process, including a comprehensive set of customer or consumer data.

Explaining this differentiation, Mr. Jalan adds, The solution's superior planning abilities will help retailers achieve the goals of consumer centric merchandising, improve store-level assortment clustering micro-merchandising, drive allocation optimization, and many more such initiatives. Not available in most planning systems today, these capabilities make our solution's planning output at every stage comprehensive and precise.

Vice President, LakeWest Group, Bud Schulhafer cited, We see this partnership as a major milestone in achieving greater success in the US market. Retailers can expect to learn more about our solutions at the National Retail Federation's Annual Convention Expo in New York City, January 11-14.

About Manthan Systems

Manthan Systems is a producer of analytic solutions for global retail and CPG organizations. Manthan's portfolio of solutions covers the entire spectrum of decision-making, including operational BI, performance management, optimization predictive analytics, and merchandise planning forecasting. More information at and

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Established in 1990, LakeWest Group is the premier independent management consulting firm dedicated to serving the retail and related industries. With deep business knowledge and cross-functional skills, the firm delivers superior design and implementation of strategy, technology, and process solutions to help clients achieve their full business potential. More information at

For further information please contact: Media Contact Frank Cuevas Director - Business Development Manthan Systems Email: Ph No: +1-815-398-2900

For further information please contact: Media Contact, Frank Cuevas, Director - Business Development, Manthan Systems, Email:, Ph No: +1-815-398-2900