COPENHAGEN, Denmark, September 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Agillic, a specialist in interactive marketing services today released research undertaken by Qualitative Change exploring the growth of marketing-on-demand applications and the benefits of using a 'pay-as-you-go' marketing model.

Marketing on demand is the ability to pull down a range of internet-mediated interactive marketing services from a host server as and when needed. This type of business model is gaining in popularity as marketers look for effective ways to personalise interactions with customers across a mix of digital and traditional channels whilst controlling costs and increasing real-time access to data.

Independent research analyst Marion Howard-Healy comments: "The complexity involved in managing multi-channel campaigns and the speed at which marketing offers are put up and down, makes Marketing-on-demand an attractive business proposition for all sizes of companies. The findings clearly show that a software-as-a-service (SaaS) deployment model fits well with marketing as it removes the hassle factor and allows marketers to buy only the functionality they require".

The development of web2.0 and communication tools such as blogs, wikis, group messaging and other social networking software are changing media habits. Consumers are getting used to fast, relevant and convenient communications forcing marketers to find new ways to develop interactive marketing campaigns that match these demands.

By using a hosted SaaS solution for marketing purposes, companies benefit from executing highly personalised, multi-channel marketing programmes. Customer insight data is used to maximum effect ensuring all communications, offers, products and services are tailored to the needs of the individual customer, through the media of their choice at any given time.

Carsten Hyldahl, CEO at Agillic, explains: "The growth in digital media, the increase in marketing complexity and the trend towards interactive marketing creates a genuine need for Marketing-on-Demand services. Its simple delivery mechanism provides strong support to any marketing department or agency as they strive to increase response rates and keep pace with changing consumer behaviours."

To read the full research findings, request a copy of the White Paper "Improving cost efficiencies and campaign results with Marketing-on-Demand" contact or visit Agillic's website ( ).

About Agillic

Agillic is Europe's leading interactive marketing execution company. Working with some of the world's most sophisticated marketing teams, both in-house and agency-side, we bring our customers the tools and, critically, the expertise they need to re-invent their marketing processes for maximum Return On Investment.

Agillic's unique range of IIM tools are being used by the best digital 1-to-1 agency networks such as OgilvyOne and Wunderman as well as leading European companies such as Hi3G, the Danish Railways and Telenor. With a marketing on demand deployment model we are helping our customers achieve increased revenues by building personal connections with customers and securing lifelong, valued relationships.

Agillic's head office is located in Denmark, with additional business development and implementation resources across Europe, including London and Switzerland. Product management and development is in Denmark and Research and Development investment is in Ukraine.

Our team of IIM specialists are equipped with the knowledge and experience to help advise and assist in-house and agency marketing teams on the best interactive marketing execution strategies that will meet their business challenges.

About Qualitative Change

Qualitative Change brings more than 15 years' experience of talking with customers across a variety of sectors. We offer customised consulting, multi-client research, as well as networking with partners for publications. Qualitative Change works with service providers, systems vendors and other suppliers to improve their customer focus to ensure that product development and business planning are aligned to market realities. Our passion is enabling you to hear the important things your customers want you to know, so that you can build quality services that are efficient, responsive and customer-centric.

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