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- UK Brand Managers and Marketers can now Respond to Customers' Online Behaviour in 'Real-Time' by Creating Relevant and Timely Email Content on the Fly

Maxymiser, the online content optimisation specialist, has announced an extension to its existing product portfolio with the launch of its new email optimisation software.

Based on the principles of content intelligence and on-demand technology, the email optimisation software will enable organisations to test the success of individual email marketing campaigns in real-time. In doing so, Maxymiser can deliver insights into the impact of personalised email content on click-through and conversion rates, enabling UK brands to refine their direct marketing activities based on the behaviour of their target audience.

Commenting on the new offering, Mark Simpson, Managing Director at Maxymiser says, "In the current economic climate budgets are tighter than ever and marketers are under increasing pressure to account for every pound spent. It is therefore essential to make real-time changes within direct marketing campaigns as analytics will only take you so far. By implementing automated testing and optimisation of emails sent to customers and prospects, we can compare and improve click through and conversion rates in real-time and tailor each email based on the statistics received."

Simpson continues, "Content intelligence techniques such as multivariate testing and behavioural targeting are not new but they remain a highly under-used area of online marketing in the UK. Critically, our new email optimisation software allows organisations to optimise email marketing campaigns automatically without marketers requiring any technical skills or knowledge. This is a win-win scenario - marketers achieve a better return on investment from their online marketing spend, whilst also having more time to concentrate on the strategic aspects of their role rather than getting bogged down in the detail of their email marketing campaigns."

As the market leader in online content optimisation solutions, Maxymiser is unique in providing organisations with a proven solution to increase the effectiveness of their website content and design. With the addition of email optimisation software to its portfolio, UK brands can now deliver key metrics such as conversion and click-through rates in email marketing campaigns more effectively. Based on clear statistical proof about which combination of design works most successfully in converting sales and delivering customers, Maxymiser enables marketers to refine their email content in real-time to capitalise on strong performing features and remove the less successful elements.

Simpson concludes, "The ability to optimise email creation now provides marketers with the ability to change email content in real-time. It is this timely response to real-time customer activity that will enable marketers to deliver highly effective, integrated online marketing for the first time and deliver quantifiable value from highly creative campaigns."


About Maxymiser

Founded in 2006, Maxymiser is the UK's leading content optimisation specialist and developer of the first successful European-centred website content optimisation suite. Its products enable organisations to optimise the effectiveness of any website's content and design to deliver key metrics such as conversion and click through rates more effectively. Maxymiser gives clear statistical proof of those combinations of content and design which work most successfully in converting sales and delivering customers and those which fail to do so, enabling website owners to refine content and design to capitalise on previous success and deliver increasing ROI.

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