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MediaTek (Taiwan Stock Exchange: 2454), a worldwide leader in wireless and consumer electronics SoCs today announces three second generation IEEE 802.16e WiMAX chips. MT7110 series are fully compliant with, and provide more features and performance than WiMAX Forum Wave2 specifications. These chips are intended to revolutionalize the market and take the industry to the next level of mass market adoption.

Of the three high performance chips, MT7117/7119 are designed for WiMAX CPE, and MT7118 for handsets, USB dongles, and embedded devices.

All three are featured with two transmitters and two receivers with support for uplink and downlink MIMO and Beamforming with sounding.

MT7118 is intended to address the need of embedded devices for low power with its patented power saving technology. It also supports diskless auto-installation for laptop USB dongles.

On the other hand, MT7117/7119 aim for high performance and cost effective CPE applications. MT7117 integrates an Ethernet PHY, and DSP to support a single VoIP port. MT7119 has an integrated Ethernet switch and PHYs, and support 4 ports of VoIP. Both chips are featured with two tightly integrated dual-core processors with well-architected system and memory buses, optimized for performance. MT7117/7119 deliver higher networking and VoIP throughput while consuming less power than competing solutions. We are proud to introduce these two WiMAX SoC that are clearly leading in performance and integration. Customers will be able to build cost effective CPEs that exceed the requirements from WiMAX operators, said CT Chuang, Vice President of MediaTek.

Other hardware features of MT7119 include PCI and USB interfaces for WiFi and other co-processors. MT7119 is targeted for sub US$80 of fully-featured IAD devices and MT7117 is for sub US$50 simple CPE.

Separately, MediaTek provides free of charge, voice DSP and full SIP protocol stack. Other software components included in the software package are TR-069, SNMP, OMA-DM, FOTA, connection managers, which are all available to partners and customers.

It's because of the impressive level of integration and performance that Packet One Networks (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd or P1based its CPE on MediaTek's first and second generation chips. P1 is a subsidiary of Green Packet Berhad (Greenpacket), a KLSE main board listed international technology company. P1 is the first in Malaysia and the Asia Pacific to commercially roll out on a large scale 802.16e 2.3 GHz WiMAX in 2008. Greenpacket Group MD and CEO, CC Puan stated MediaTek's highly integrated WiMAX SoC enables WiFi and VoIP, and comes in a very compact and high performance design. Their prompt responses to our requests for new and customized features have supported P1 in its goal to deploy at rapid speed.

The MT7110 series are based on the first generation chips that have gone through rigorous IOT testing and field trials. Operators want to use only field proven silicon and solutions. MT7110 series offer not only performance, but track record of success in operators' networks.

Samples and pricing are available upon request. MT7117 and 7119 are available in both commercial and industrial temp packages for extreme outdoor environment.

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