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MediaTek (Taiwan Stock Exchange: 2454), a worldwide leader in wireless and consumer electronics SoCs today announces a new WiMAX Forum Wave2 chip, MT7118 for USB dongles, handsets, and other embedded devices. Announced at the same time is a prototype of low cost WiMAX and GSM EDGE dual mode phone, produced by a MediaTek handset partner. This is the first WiMAX phone design supported by a leading cellular chip vendor. This design is based on MediaTek WiMAX chip and world leading MediaTek EDGE baseband processor.

CT Chuang, Vice President of MediaTek, said MediaTek is not only a chip company, but a leader clearly setting its marks as the best WiMAX SoC solution provider. Our expertise in systems is vital to the success of WiMAX. The latest WiMAX SoC and integrated GSM+WiMAX dual mode handsets are only the beginning of our plan to integrate more wireless technology with future electronics. He added WiMAX industry needs a chip company that possesses the breadth and depth of technology and experience of diverse platforms.

This is one of the most cost optimized WiMAX handsets in the market today It enables voice over EDGE network and voice/data over WiMAX network, while the USB port of the phone can be used for data connectivity with laptops. It also features a 2.8 inch touch screen and 5M pixel camera. The VoIP engine inside the phone has gone through stringent IOT and field trials for over 4 years, making it the most trusted and risk free dual-mode handset. MediaTek brings its expertise in GSM and software directly into the handset and put together a turnkey solution for operators.

With BOM of less than US$100, this is a truly cost effective solution, without compromising quality and performance, which is essential to enable mobile WiMAX applications in emerging markets.

Mike Roberts, principal analyst at Informa Telecoms Media said, WiMAX needs more high-quality, low-cost devices, and MediaTek's solutions will help enable them, given its track record as a leading mobile chipset vendor. The dual-mode phone based on MediaTek chips should build momentum for WiMAX in key emerging markets, given the device's combination of WiMAX for high-speed broadband and GSM/EDGE for ubiquitous voice and data services.

This dual mode phone is announced together with MediaTek MT7110 series WiMAX chips, which have already been chosen by Green Packet Berhad (Greenpacket), a Malaysian KLSE main board listed international technology company. Senior vice president of Greenpacket, James Wang expressed that MediaTek MT7110 series of SoC deliver 2x2 uplink and downlink MIMO, transmit switch diversity, and Beamforming, which will provide the most optimized radio performance to our customers. We are glad to be an alpha customer of MediaTek's 2nd generation WiMAX SoC. We enjoy working with MediaTek because they are the only WiMAX vendor that can provide not only silicon, but also WiMAX software solutions for CPE, USB dongles, handsets, and other consumer electronics. MediaTek WiMAX roadmap aligns with our rollout from fixed, nomadic to full mobility.

MT7110 series are WiMAX Forum wave2 compliance chips. They support 2.3-2.7GHz and 3.3-3.8GHz. MT7119, in a 1.5x1.5cm small package allows 2-port Ethernet, 4-port VoIP. MT7117 is a smaller chip for data-only or data with one-port VoIP in an even smaller board. MT7118 with it patented power saving designs, is perfect for modules, handsets, and other mobile devices.

Samples and pricing of MT7110 series and reference designs are available upon request.

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