SAN DIEGO, March 16 /PRNewswire/ --

Rayspan Corporation, the world's leading innovator of Metamaterial air interface solutions, is proud to announce that its Chief Technology Officer Dr. Maha Achour will give the IEEE Distinguished Lecture entitled The Road to 4G through Metamaterial Air Interface Technology: Long Term Evolution (LTE) and Beyond at the third European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EuCAP 2009). The company will also exhibit its latest WLAN and WWAN Metamaterial handset solutions.

Dr. Achour has stated that Emerging 4G wireless broadband access standards will require support of data rates not previously achievable in compact mobile devices. More specifically, 3GPP Long Term Evolution - LTE - must enable 100 Mb/sec downlink and 50 Mb/sec uplink peak speeds. This is accomplished through use of wideband channels at frequencies as low as 700 MHz, advanced modulation techniques, and above all Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output (MIMO) antenna technology. But until now, implementing MIMO solutions in the small area and volume available in a compact mobile device resulted in serious reductions in system throughput and range.

Only Rayspan's breakthrough Metamaterial MIMO solutions can achieve full MIMO performance within the ultra-compact antenna size and close antenna proximity required for implementation in small mobile wireless devices. Metamaterial MIMO permits antenna size and antenna spacing to be less than one fifteenth of a wavelength, and because these antennas are printed directly on a mobile device PCB they occupy nearly zero volume. Moreover, they are easily fabricated at extremely low cost, enabling rapid commercially successful deployment.

Rayspan's Metamaterial antenna structures have a unique capability to concentrate electromagnetic fields and currents very closely to antenna structures rather than spreading them along antenna grounds, greatly reducing coupling among antennas. Eliminating coupling among antennas in a MIMO array achieves full de-correlation of multipath channels and achieves full MIMO throughput and range.

Since its founding in April 2006, Rayspan has focused on innovating and implementing Metamaterials technology to solve the fundamental challenges of the wireless communications air interface - an essential part of every radio that includes the antenna and all associated RF front-end components. As standards have proliferated to include 3/4G cellular, WiFi MIMO, GPS, Bluetooth, WiMax and UWB, the air interface now presents some of the most difficult system integration problems facing the wireless industry.

Metamaterial solutions available from Rayspan today include a broad line of single and multi-band antennas and arrays together with complementary directional couplers, power combiners and power splitters. These solutions address virtually all segments of the billion unit wireless local- and wide-area network equipment markets, and they can be implemented quickly and inexpensively by Rayspan's licensees.

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