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- By Guideline-Based Solution for Blood Pressure Measurement -- Microlife WatchBP(R)

According to National Stroke Association, high blood pressure is the one of the top two stroke risk factors. To measure true blood pressure is crucial and indispensable for hypertension treatment and management. From perspectives of primary care doctors and physicians, how to obtain the best estimation of a patient's true blood pressure in an accurate way is very important for their daily diagnoses and treatment outcomes. Blood pressure measurement devices for office, home, and ambulatory use indubitably play an important role in such diagnoses and treatment.

Microlife, known as one of the global market leaders in the development and manufacturing of medical diagnostic devices for home monitoring and clinical use, initiates A New Way Through Together to have hypertension under control by 2015. With such a concept of A New Way Through Together, Microlife opened intensive dialogues with worldwide medical societies, physicians, doctors, specialists, patients, and pharmas, in order to empower each individual to be able to manage his own health. Microlife WatchBP(R) solution, based on extensive long-term clinical research and many dialogues with medical societies, physicians and patients, is ultimate solution for blood pressure measurement for both doctors and patients. The WatchBP(R) family of blood pressure monitors is with implemented schedules that support measuring according to European Society of Hypertension (ESH) guidelines.(1, 2) In addition to aforementioned hardware, the easy-to-use software, called WatchBP(R) analyzer, clearly presents data for easy diagnosis by doctors. Today many doctors have experienced such a convenience by using WatchBP(R).

Major advantages of WatchBP(R) family in professional use are as follows:

-- WatchBP(R) Office: simultaneous double-arm measurements, following WHO/ESH/AHA measurement protocol, and wireless connectivity -- WatchBP(R) Home: implemented diagnostic schedule for self-blood pressure measurements at home according to ESH guidelines (officially recommended! (3)) -- WatchBP(R) O3 (Out-Of-Office): ambulatory device, additional mode for performing self-blood pressure measurements at home with diagnostic schedule.

Microlife is located at booth #30 at MIC - Milan Convention Centre from June 12-16 in Milan. With great enthusiasm and devotion, Microlife invites medical professionals from all over the world to experience the concept of WatchBP(R) solution in blood pressure measurement.

Some of the world key professionals will present their studies with use of WatchBP(R) range. The presentation topics and time schedule are:

Key Investigators in Global Topic Date Time Hypertension Expert Dr. George S. A Novel Dual-Mode Ambulatory June 14, Stergiou, MD and Home Blood Pressure Monitor: 14:00 - 15:30 Validation according to the at Ground Floor European Society of Hypertension # 603 International Protocol to prove the validity of WatchBP(R) O3. Dr. Joji First paper: Ambulatory Blood June 13, Ishikawa, MD Pressure (ABP) Measured using 9:30 a dual home BP (HBP)/ABP Monitoring at Auditorium Device is related to ABP Measured Parallel Oral by a Conventional ABP Monitoring Session 1A, independently of HBP to confirm the #1383 feasibility and applicability of the WatchBP(R) O3 (Out-Of-Office). Second paper: Automatic Office June 14, Blood Pressure Measurement without 11:50 doctors or nurses present is More at Blue Hall Predictive of Ambulatory Blood Parallel Oral Pressure than is Office Blood Session 5A Pressure by Mercury Sphygmomanometer #1384, to show that the WatchBP(R) Office respectively is comparable to the mercury sphygmomanometer. Prof. Dr. Thomas Patient Assessment of Home June 15, Mengden Blood Pressure Monitoring 14:00 (Home BP), a real life experience at Ground Floor using the Microlife WatchBP(R) #1175 Home Monitor.

With this innovative WatchBP(R) solution, Microlife aims at improving blood pressure measurement for diagnostic confidence and optimal hypertension treatment and management.

About Microlife

Microlife is a global market leader in the development of innovative medical measurement devices for both home and clinical monitoring. These devices contribute to improved management of hypertension, weight, and fever. Headquartered in Taiwan, Microlife has 2400 employees worldwide and annually distributes 35 million devices for its affiliates in Switzerland, France, and USA, and sales partners around the world. In 2006, Microlife opened global intensive dialogues with medical societies, specialists, primary care physicians, and pharmaceutical companies to create tools and solutions of WatchBP(R) for preventing stroke and heart disease.

References: 1. Mancia G, De Backer G, Dominiczak A, Cifkova R, Fagard R, Germano G et al. 2007 Guidelines for the Management of Arterial Hypertension: The Task Force for the Management of Arterial Hypertension of the European Society of Hypertension (ESH) and of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC). J Hypertens 2007; 25: 1105-1187. 2. O'Brien E, Asmar R, Beilin L, Imai Y, Mancia G, Mengden T et al. Practice guidelines of the European Society of Hypertension for clinic, ambulatory and self blood pressure measurement. J Hypertens 2005; 23: 697-701. 3. Parati G, Stergiou GS, Asmar R, Bilo G, de Leeuw P, Imai Y et al. European Society of Hypertension guidelines for blood pressure monitoring at home: a summary report of the Second International Consensus Conference on Home Blood Pressure Monitoring. J Hypertens 2008; 26: 1505-1526.

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