MILAN, March 22, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Mirial announces that its customers can take advantage of standards-based video conferencing on their Motorola Atrix(TM) 4G and Dell Streak 7 with Mirial ClearSea thanks to the last software update including support for Tegra(TM) 2, the new mobile chip from NVIDIA(R).

According to Wainhouse Research, the Motorola Atrix 4G is meant to be a milestone in the history of video conferencing. As stated by in the paper Motorola Atrix 4G: The End of Device Proliferation? the Atrix 4G is the forerunner for a "next-generation device combining voice with both mobile and fixed computing environments offering the potential for reducing complexity by reducing the number of devices that must be supported."

"While we wait for the reduced-complexity future to come, our challenge is to tailor our software so that anyone can take advantage of video collaboration with every new video conferencing ready device facing the market almost every day." said Cristoforo Mione, VP Marketing at Mirial. "Anyway, we do look forward to the time when 'enterprise workers would be able to have the same video and web conferencing application and user interfaces with them wherever they need to use them' as Wainhouse predicts."

ClearSea is the only professional video conferencing solution including a software client for Android devices that enables organization to connect Pc, Mac, Android or iOS devices and any standards-based H.323/SIP equipment, such as videoconferencing room systems.

The Atrix and the Streak 7 are just the latest addition to the list of certified devices for ClearSea, which already counts most of the Apple devices, including iPad 2 and several Android smart phones and Tablet such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the HTC EVO.

ClearSea for Android, as well as for iOS, Windows and Mac, is available today. For further information and a free demo visit