MILAN, March 19, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Mirial released ClearSea, a new comprehensive desktop videoconferencing solution engineered to meet the enterprise, healthcare and educational markets needs in the desktop videoconferencing space.

Based on a client/server architecture, and built on over 10 years of Mirial desktop video excellence, ClearSea provides state-of-the-art PC and Mac Full-HD desktop client and the ability to seamlessly connect any legacy device, allowing companies to make the most out of their existing videoconferencing infrastructure without additional equipment such as H.323/SIP Gateways or Firewall/NAT traversal appliances.

ClearSea is a turn-key and cost-effective desktop conference solution, easy to deploy and manage thanks to its centralized directory, user group management, integration with Active Directory/LDAP, full remote configuration and upgrade of ClearSea desktop client. The port based licensing and the possibility to download unlimited copies of the client makes the product extremely scalable without the need to worry about unused accounts.

Thanks to the Mirial media server technology and native support for all major videoconferencing standards, ClearSea provides the ability to connect the local (on-LAN) and remote (off-LAN) desktop users across their firewalls and to their SIP or H.323 legacy conferencing room systems, without the need of any external gateway or bridge.

The products also embeds a video IVR to call users by extensions and an autoscan feature for finding existing room systems.

We have been working on ClearSea in stealth mode for over a year, leveraging on both our client-side and server-side technology, as well as on our experience in the software desktop video market since 1999 commented Cristoforo Mione, VP Marketing for Mirial.

ClearSea is available both as physical appliance and as VMware-based Virtual Appliance. Virtualization provides the flexibility of a software-based approach, as well as the plug-and-play benefits usually associated with stand-alone hardware appliances.

A 30-day TryBuy version of ClearSea can be downloaded from Mirial website.

About Mirial

Mirial (formerly DyLogic) is one of the world's premier providers of cutting-edge products for visual communication over convergent networks, and a pioneer in software-only desktop videoconferencing since 1999. The company portfolio includes a comprehensive set of solutions enabling hosted audio/video services on IP networks and professional SD and HD desktop videoconferencing. Mirial products and solutions are available at the company's sales representatives and resellers worldwide.

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CONTACT: Contact: Chiara Menesatti,, +39-(0)226627811