AMSTERDAM, January 13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Mobileye, the worldwide market leader in development of advanced driver safety systems, is proud to announce that Nissan showrooms in China will propose Nissan's TEANA model (sold as Nissan Maxima in North America) equipped with Mobileye technology by default. Nissan TEANA "Eagle Eye" will be offered all over China and will enable customers to benefit from getting their new Nissan vehicle equipped with Mobileye's C2-270 Collision Prevention System.

Nissan TEANA's "Eagle Eye" project was instituted by Mobileye distributor Shenzhen Cheyuansu in China and Mobileye views it as a strategic move in the consumer market in China. The project represents an additional valuable achievement in Mobileye's global strategy for addressing mass-market with Mobileye's unique collision prevention technology.

Buick, Cadillac and Acura showrooms already offer Mobileye C2 as an optional accessory in showrooms in South China; however Nissan will be the first to offer a particular model with Mobileye as standard safety fit all over China.

Mobileye has recently achieved several notable milestones, in different segments; the announcement comes a few weeks after Mr. Janos Kis, Fleet Support Manager at Coca Cola Hellenic, a world leading Coca Cola bottling and distribution company, publicly declared that Mobileye was chosen as supplier of safety technology for its fleet, at the Fleet Europe Awards Gala Evening (November 18th, in Brussels, Belgium) after he received the Fleet Safety Award for 2010.

Mr. Kis, who was awarded for using Mobileye to improve driver safety, selected Mobileye's systems after a 19 week pilot with outstanding outcomes, including zero crashes, improved driver behavior and substantial savings in gasoline.