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Mogulus, a New York-based internet startup, unveiled a groundbreaking live streaming platform today that enables anyone with a computer, a web-cam and a high speed connection to broadcast like a multi-million dollar television station.

"To make compelling live user generated content, you need powerful production tools. With Mogulus, producers can now collaborate in real time and make high quality live television shows on the internet," said Max Haot, Founder/CEO of Mogulus.

Om Malik, editor-in-chief of GigaOM and organizer of NewTeeVee Live, said "Mogulus is a great partner for broadcasting live TV on the Web." In addition to being a featured platform at NewTeeVee Live, Mogulus will be streaming the event live at

Mogulus, in private beta for the past four months, is one of the most popular live streaming applications in Internet history. More than 17,000 producers with beta access created more than 18,000 live 24/7 channels and streamed more than 12 million unique viewer minutes a month, according to Haot.

Mogulus ( enables producers to: -- Run scheduled 24/7 broadcasting playlists, where everyone watching sees the same content and can chat about it, while the "channel owner" has full control -- they can interrupt and go live at any time -- Incorporate broadcast graphics (ticker, bug, bumpers, ...) into your channel, just like the major television networks -- Collaborate in real time with multiple producers, and control the same channel at the same time from anywhere in the world with your team. -- Mix between multiple live cameras located anywhere in the world and upload or import videos from the web with a simple drag and drop action.

All of these capabilities are in the Mogulus Studio application (Adobe Flash). The Mogulus Player is a widget, which producers can embed and distribute on any websites on the internet, including Facebook.

Unlike Joost, Brightcove, BlipTV and other online video sites, Mogulus is betting on the "linear TV model," where consumers on the internet tune in and surf live or scheduled channels just like they do in their living room with traditional television.

"While video on demand satisfies our entertainment snacking, sometimes we just want to tune in to a channel, be entertained, and not make choices about the next thing to watch -- it also creates a social experience as we are all watching the same content at the same time and we can chat about it," Haot said.

Mogulus also unveiled its Mogulus Grid at the NewTeeVee event.

The Mogulus Grid allows you to watch 26 Mogulus Live channels and chat with all of the other viewers. You can also search and browse for channels using the program guide if the top 26 channel selections are not what you want.

"While in private beta, Mogulus's audience has grown exclusively through embedded Mogulus player widgets. By opening the service to anybody and providing a unique viewer portal, we anticipate our viewer growth and producer adoption to rapidly accelerate," Haot said.

Mogulus also plans to introduce in-stream adverts in the coming months, enabling Madison Avenue to reach viewers of live streaming TV on the Web for the first time. Mogulus will offer producers both an ad-free "premium" service (with a subscription fee) and a free "advert" version of the Mogulus platform.

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