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1 New Forum Feature Allows Customers to Build Deeper Communities on Their Websites

2 New Editing Functions Streamline Site Editing Process

Moonfruit, the provider of an online website building tool kit used to build over 1.5 million sites to date, has released a new forum feature that will enhance its customers' ability to develop communities on their websites. In addition new editing features allow users to move or copy content on or between their pages more easily, making site editing quicker and easier. The new features and editing tools will be available to all users regardless of whether they are on a free or subscription service.

Joe White, Managing Director, Moonfruit, said: "Moonfruit's toolkit is constantly growing and evolving as internet trends change the kinds of tools our customers ask for. These enhancements will enable site leaders to further develop and deepen their online communities. A forum can hold thousands of posts of information, encourage real debate within their community and provide a lasting knowledge resource on their site. It's a great new addition to our toolkit."

The release of the new tools is the latest in a series of upgrades that have been released in the past 6 months and follows the addition of a scaleable, multimedia video player that site builders can add to their sites in order to play video and music. Further updates are due to be announced in the next few months.

White continues: "The addition of the new editing tools that allow the multiple selection and copy and pasting of objects between pages is a direct result of feature requests from our customers. These changes ensure Moonfruit remains the easiest, fastest and most rewarding place for people to build their own websites."

Further details on the new features include:


The forum widget lets site builders enable far greater user generated content and interaction on sites, which will keep people coming back for more.

1 Key benefits: - Visitors can create posts and topics that are visible to everyone - Vistors can reply to and engage in ongoing discussions - Site builders can limit some posts to members only - All posts and discussions are searchable creating a permanent knowledge base on the website - Posts can be moderated or deleted if inappropriate - Posts can also be published to an RSS feed, which means that visitors can sign up to the feed and receive updates when new posts are added Streamlined editing environment The new editing environment streamlines the site building process and makes changes quicker and easier. 2 Key changes: - Multiple selection of page objects allows easy repositioning of groups of objects saving time and effort - Multiple objects can be copied and pasted between pages allowing a consistent look and feel to be created quickly and easily - New 'themes' technology allows the look and feel of widgets like the forum to be changed instantly for a fresh feel to the website

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About Moonfruit

Over 1.5 million websites have been built by people around the world using Moonfruit's website building tool - SiteMaker. Organisations such as Channel 4 have partnered with Moonfruit to use SiteMaker to cultivate online communities. Moonfruit was founded in August 1999 with the vision to allow people to share their passions online, regardless of their skills and experience.

For further information contact: Joe White, Moonfruit,, +44(0)20-7580-4154