LEEDS, England, November 16 /PRNewswire/ -- More demographic groups are turning to the internet to provide voucher codes from sites such as VoucherSeeker (http://www.voucherseeker.co.uk/ discount-vouchers) for money off shopping.

In the past, women have been the biggest demographic group of online shoppers, with clothing and footwear proving popular purchases. Retailers have picked up on this and targeted women for online sales knowing they were more likely to spend money online.

However men have begun to realise the saving potential of the internet, logging in online to search for discount vouchers and discount codes and researching where to make the best savings.

Whether you're searching for Vodafone promotional codes (http://www.voucherseeker.co.uk/file/8c07f9b2387a79aa4860f829cdf713e7/ vodafone-promotional-code.html) or Currys discount codes, (http://www.voucherseeker.co.uk/file/a62ac26940c49940f7f8da1eabd901e1/ currys-discount-codes.html), VoucherSeeker has something for everyone, states VoucherSeeker Director, Neil Ainsworth. Whereas before we were aware that a lot of women were interested in discounts, we are getting more i nterest from key demographic groups such as men and the older generations.

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Research by Paypal has found that men were quicker to resort to the internet when the recession first hit, realising its potential for cheaper products. 12.9 million men in the UK are now shopping online, compared with just 10.3 women. Since 2006, 839,000 extra men are shopping online compared with an additional 400,000 women.

Furthermore, men are now spending more time shopping online in search of promotional codes for bargains from sites such as VoucherSeeker. Once online, men are happy to make purchases and this looks set to continue.

Whilst the popularity of discount clothing stores such as Primark continues, low cost clothing outlets are now turning to the male market to extend their businesses. With greater access to cheaper clothing and increased targeted marketing towards men, they are becoming more fashion conscious. Some see this as contributing to the recent rise of the metrosexual, a heterosexual man who is typically masculine in his behaviour but also cares about his physical appearance. The menswear market is now estimated to be worth GBP9.3 billion with research by Mintel showing that only 16% of men are spending less money on clothes in 2009.

As men take more of an interest in clothing and beauty products, it is natural that their attention will turn online where they can find products at a discount using vouchers.

Perhaps part of the reason more men are turning to the internet is its ease of use. There are no queues, and they can go to exactly what they want and make a purchase. They can also research prices and get voucher codes for money off their product. The hassle of shopping which men have traditionally hated has been taken out of the shopping process by the internet.

It's not just men who are turning to the internet.

A survey conducted by Mature Marketing Consultancy, Millennium, questioned four hundred over 50s on their shopping habits. More than a quarter of responders said they had shopped for groceries online, with over half spending in excess of GBP150 per month.

According to The Office of National Statistics, there has been an increase in the percentage of the population aged 65 and over from 15% in 1983 to 16% in 2008. This means an increase of 1.5 million people in this age group.

To help even more of the older generation to get online, a new computer named SimplicITy has been launched aimed at encouraging the 6.5million over 65s in the UK who have never used the internet to get online. The computer has no log in page and automatically loads up a page with six simple buttons directing users to areas such s emails and chat. It is hoped that pensioners will be able to benefit from the discount vouchers and discount codes and the hundreds of pounds of savings which can be found on the internet, either by shopping around or comparing prices.

Traditionally, where the internet was used by women, it is quickly becoming an important tool for all sectors of society as it becomes evermore pervasive. Men and older generations are realising the saving potential the internet holds by housing promotional code sites such as VoucherSeeker (http://www.voucherseeker.co.uk/discount-vouchers). Men are becoming more targeted by retailers in a bid to expand their businesses and are therefore becoming more fashion conscious, whilst older generations are unaware of the savings they could make by using the internet. As consumers continue to monitor their spending, the internet becomes the first port of call for many people.

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