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- Financial Services Firm Improves Performance and Availability with End-to-End Visibility of Business Transactions

OpTier(R), the leader in Business Transaction Management(TM) (BTM) ( for enterprise, today announced that Morgan Stanley ( )(NYSE: MS) has deployed OpTier's CoreFirst(R) technology on one of its institutional fixed income trading platforms.

CoreFirst allows Morgan Stanley to monitor the performance of its trading transactions in real time and significantly improve service levels for trading clients. With CoreFirst, Morgan Stanley can monitor and improve the performance and service levels of its trading platform, to the benefit of its clients and its own systems management.

There are technologies available today that provide partial aspects of transaction management, but we have not come across any solution that provides the complete visibility and control that CoreFirst does, said Hishaam Mufti-Bey, Executive Director at Morgan Stanley. With CoreFirst we are able to know in real time who is using the application and in what ways, how the application is performing and where exactly we need to focus our attention to optimize the performance of our trading platform. This was not possible before deploying CoreFirst.

Business Transaction Management is proving to be the next wave of IT management for large organizations such as Morgan Stanley, said Israel Mazin, CEO of OpTier. This product helps organizations gain value out of their new and legacy applications by helping companies to understand how those systems can perform better and with reduced operating costs.

About Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley is a leading global financial services firm providing a wide range of investment banking, securities, investment management and wealth management services. The Firm's employees serve clients worldwide including corporations, governments, institutions and individuals from more than 600 offices in 37 countries. For further information about Morgan Stanley, please visit

About CoreFirst

CoreFirst provides users with the following key benefits:

Automatically monitor performance and service levels - CoreFirst automatically and continuously tracks every business transaction, building and maintaining a full record of transaction activity that is visible from multiple perspectives. Because of this, potential or real performance bottlenecks and resource 'hogs' are automatically identified. By providing this level of activity analysis, performance diagnostics and resource information, CoreFirst helps Morgan Stanley to assure customer satisfaction and system performance and stability.

Identify and remediate bottlenecks - When application or business service issues arise, it is critical that IT has an effective way to directly deduce the real root of the problem and its scope. Using CoreFirst, Morgan Stanley's technical staff can obtain a graphical representation of the flow of every transaction, exactly as it occurred and directly identify the problem's origin, its scope and business impact.

Automatically discover and monitor all business transactions - During pre-production deployment, OpTier was able to automatically discover all business transactions flowing through Morgan Stanley's dealing platform. This auto discovery process saves valuable time and money by providing IT and the application staff with complete visibility into what actually happens as transactions are flowing through the dealing platform and interacting with many other applications.

About OpTier

OpTier(R) harnesses the power of real business transactions with its unique Business Transaction Management (BTM) software solutions. Our CoreFirst(R) product assures that business transactions flow smoothly within IT applications and infrastructure without bottlenecks or outages, for improved end-user experience and reduced cost. Our Active Context Tracking(TM) (ACT) technology delivers end-to-end visibility - of all business transactions, across all tiers, all the time - by continuously discovering the links between IT components and business services. It also prioritizes IT transactions and processes based on business needs, for true IT optimization. For more information, visit

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