LONDON, June 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --

An overwhelming majority of UK mothers are pretending they are fine to friends and family when in reality they are suffering in silence from the effects of exhaustion and stress, according to a startling new survey for B Record Plus.

75% of mothers commonly reply that they are fine when asked how they are, but are really keeping mum because they don't want to be seen as failures, with 71% privately admitting they're exhausted with the tolls of everyday life and motherhood.

In the Opinion Matters survey of 1,002 UK mums for B Record Plus, the newly launched liquid food supplement from sigma-tau to provide sustainable energy, statistics show the constant feeling of tiredness is stopping mums performing properly.

77% have forgotten why they started a task and 76% often misplace important items such as keys or phones.

Worryingly this exhaustion is impacting on safety with one in five mums (20%) confessing they felt unsafe when driving a car tired. A quarter of mums (25%) also admitted feeling most tired during 3-6pm - the time of the school run.

And men are to blame - 59% of mums said arguing with their partner is one of the biggest causes of stress and exhaustion.

On average 71% of mums spend between 5-6 hours a day looking after the children. To help battle through over half surveyed (55%) reverted to coffee and a quarter (25%) use fast fix energy drinks to combat fatigue.

One in three mums can only spare less than one hour a day looking after themselves, with nearly two thirds of mums (61%) eating comfort foods to alleviate stress. This kick starts a vicious circle as a bad nutritional diet only increases weight, causing more sluggishness.

Saf Zerelli from sigma-tau said: "Mums seem to be suffering in silence, saying they're fine to friends when quite clearly they're not.

"They seem to be too scared to admit that they're exhausted in case people think less of them as mothers. That's why we developed B Record Plus to help give them and other stressed people sustainable energy so they can feel more physically and intellectually alert."

Celebrity mum and marathon runner Nell McAndrew, who launched the B Record Plus survey and has filmed a series of energy tips for mums on, said:

"It's really hard as a mum to admit that you're not coping with the most natural job in the world - looking after your children, your partner and the home. I've been completely exhausted trying to juggle motherhood and a career but feel that you must carry on like everyone else.

"Tiredness does impact on your performance and alertness but it can be alleviated through a good nutritional diet, exercise and de-stressing.

"That's why I've made three films offering simple tips for mums to help get their energy back."

Nell has also been one of the first people in the country to try B Record Plus and added: "I've definitely felt the benefit from using B Record Plus. Unlike energy drinks, it helps build sustainable energy and all the ingredients are natural."

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