STOCKHOLM, Sweden, September 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Nanoradio today announced that its "Always On WiFi"(TM) solution has been commercially launched inside the world's first 3G UMA phone. The same "Always On WiFi"(TM) solution was also recently launched in a 2.5G UMA phone. The two phones, P250 and P270, will both be released by Samsung in multiple countries in Europe, opening up a new world of multimedia services to the UMA operator customer base. The P270 is the first device on the market that combines UMA and 3G network technology.

Fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) using dual mode cellular/Wi-Fi handsets are a rapidly developing market on both sides of the Atlantic. Low power consuming Wi-Fi solutions are a critical enabling technology for this type of applications. The UMA phone requires the WiFi to be active all time in order to receive an incoming or making an outgoing UMA call.

The Nanoradio "Always On WiFi"(TM) solution - the NRX700/2 Wi-Fi chipset offers fully tested 802.11b/g functionality, featuring ultra-low power consumption enabling unparalleled UMA standby time and UMA talk time. The Nanoradio WiFi solution is doubling the standby and talk time compared to standard UMA phone offerings. This results in that the UMA phone customer can adopt a behaviour of keeping the WiFi Always On, removing the need for a "turn on and off the WiFi behaviour" in order to save battery time.

Tord Wingren, CEO and President of Nanoradio AB, commented, "We are very proud to have launched our WiFi product with a Tier 1 phone manufacturer and a Tier 1 operator, in an environment with extreme requirements on power consumption, stability and output power. We are confident that this experience, in combination with our best in class size and price will be very competitive in other mobile phone applications using WiFi."

About Nanoradio AB

Nanoradio AB design semiconductors with wireless capability for the cellular and handheld market where buying decisions relate to power consumption, physical size, and total cost for customers. Nanoradio has developed the most integrated circuits which bring outstanding WLAN capabilities into mobile phones and consumer multimedia electronics. Nanoradio's Wi-Fi chips target a range of applications, including mobile phones, wireless network cameras for home surveillance, Portable Media Players and gaming devices.

Another big area for Nanoradio is the growing fixed-mobile convergence market with dual-mode phones.

The company was founded in March 2004 and it is a "fabless" company which means that all manufacturing is outsourced. Nanoradio has a team of 56 people with extensive experience from the cellular and wireless industry as well as semiconductor industry and start-ups. The head-quarter is in Kista, Sweden and with sales offices in Korea, Japan and USA.

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