PARIS, January 11, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- NAVX, a start-up specialized in the supply of time-sensitive & geolocalized content, announces an agreement for the supply of content and embedded applications.

NAVX sources, collects and formats time-sensitive information throughout Europe, including fuel prices, parking availability, electric vehicle recharge stations and speedcams.

Parrot is a world-leading manufacturer of wireless devices for mobile phones, which has developed the Parrot ASTEROID, a car receiver combining advanced hands-free telephony, connection to web services and access to applications.

NAVX developed two applications which are embedded in the Parrot ASTEROID, and which provide access to its European gas prices database as well as its real-time database of parking availability.

"With this collaboration, Parrot can provide an even richer experience. The two embedded applications allow drivers to find competitively priced gas stations as well as available parking lots," says Henri Seydoux, CEO of Parrot.

"It confirms the growing interest for dynamic geolocalized content, and strengthens NAVX's role as a provider of time-sensitive information and mobile applications," says Jean Cherbonnier, CEO of NAVX.