MARLOW, England, July 17 /PRNewswire/ -- The Isle of Man's largest distribution company, Manx Independent Carriers, is rolling out an innovative system for tracking parcels and freight using a new international 'databank' called PODXchange. Developed by Marlow-based NetDespatch, PODXchange is a web portal for proof of delivery (POD).

Manx drivers are being equipped with special mobile devices incorporating barcode scanners and a touchscreen. When deliveries are made and signed for, details of the shipment held in the barcode can be transmitted live to the web portal along with the captured electronic signature. Scan and POD data as well as signatures are then transformed into the appropriate carrier format and transmitted to Manx's customers that include most major UK parcel carriers.

The portal accepts data from any POD system - for any parcel - and then makes it available via the Internet to any carrier. Manx is already delivering on behalf of all the major parcel carriers including Fedex, UPS, DPD, Citylink, Parcelnet and Amtrak. Using one device, Manx can now provide a live signature POD to any of these companies. The intelligent system recognises the carrier from the barcode on the parcel ensuring that each carrier only retrieves data on their own parcels.

"We are a carrier's carrier delivering anything for anyone across the island. That makes us quite unique in the UK transport sector and since we deliver for so many other carriers it creates real challenges. So any technological innovation that helps is very welcome and PODXchange has far reaching benefits for us especially in service delivery," says Michael Coleman, Director of Manx Independent Carriers.

"With all the carriers running their own bespoke POD systems, adopting all of those systems was never going to be a practical option. We wanted to take a lead and give our customers an advantage through real-time information on their Isle of Man deliveries. We see PODXchange as one of the biggest advances in delivery management and it will provide our mainland partners with instant PODs from the Isle of Man for the first time - boosting the appeal of their services," continues Coleman.

First used in the Highlands of Scotland for parcel deliveries handled by AJG, the system is being implemented by Manx so that is can be used for all types of deliveries. "We travelled to Inverness to see the first PODXchange implementation in action with courier firm AJG parcels. It was immediately evident that it had real potential and we realised we could develop the first true multi-service POD solution giving our customers live updates on anything we delivered whether a parcel, pallet, an item of plant or a fresh food delivery," says Coleman.

"We want to build on our success as a carrier's carrier and the breadth of services we offer is a key selling factor. Applying new technology across such a diversity of services is a big challenge but as the biggest operator on the island we know we need to take a lead in technology. PODXchange allows us to deliver the service advantage and that will be backed by an advanced mobile solution supplied by Spirit Data Capture and a traffic management system from Haultech," continues Coleman.

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