KAISERSLAUTERN, Germany, November 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Empolis, an Attensity Group company, the leader in business user applications that generate value from unstructured data, today announced Empolis:Service Lifecycle Suite (e:SLS) 6.1, the enhanced version of the company's award-winning, knowledge-centric application suite for customer service and support organizations.

For companies with long-term, multifaceted customer relationships or complex technical products, e:SLS (link: http://www.empolis.com/e-service.htm) provides consistent, proactive and personalized customer experiences across every channel, via an easy-to-use service application. Today, companies face heightened customer expectations, constant pressures to reduce costs, and shortening product lifecycles. Optimal and easy-to-access customer service is key to a company's competitive edge.

Attensity Group offers attractive, innovative and complementary products that give service/support organizations the tools to deliver excellent, cross-channel customer service, said Mitchell Kramer, senior vice president and senior consultant, Patricia Seybold Group. This customer service can deliver significant bottom-line benefits, like reduced costs, improved effectiveness, increased quality and improved customer satisfaction.

e:SLS 6.1 provides customer care organizations with a highly effective application for increasing productivity and improving service quality. The new release includes a set of easy-to-use service templates designed to address technical service and support requirements for complex products, as well as the offerings of consumer-focused companies.

Standard Configurations, Easy Integration and Guided Diagnostic Features

The 6.1 release combines: - Best practices, gathered from numerous customer installations, that cover a broad spectrum of customer care scenarios, including: business-to-consumer, business-to-business, mass market, field service and control centers that manage critical company systems; - A set of standard configurations that reduces the time needed for implementation, while proven templates and workflows reduce the effort required for the definition of interaction and user experience flows; - Standard interfaces that reduce the time to integrate with existing CRM, legacy and other systems; - A completely redesigned user interface that allows agents to search through a range of data sources quickly and easily, in order to rapidly find solutions to customer problems; and - Expansion of the guided diagnostic features that provide both agents and end-customers with an intuitive capability to get to answers fast.

Collaboration for Knowledge Workers

Editors benefit from this release, as it simplifies and accelerates the processing and maintenance of FAQ documents, through an improved knowledge control capability. It also includes collaboration features that enable multiple contributors to seamlessly work together. e:SLS 6.1 also expands the ability to add different data sources, both internal and external, while maintaining the same level of search quality.

Social Solving

Combining e:SLS with the recently announced Attensity Cloud (link: http://www.empolis.com/applications-services/applications/market-voice.html), users can track product- and service-related customer discussions in social media, including web forums, blogs, wikis and customer portals, and use this information in the service process. These customer discussions and customer-created problem resolutions are treated in the same fashion as content created internally.

There is a vast amount of valuable service data available online that can be used as a knowledge asset for service organizations, said Michelle de Haaff, chief marketing officer of Attensity Group. With e:SLS 6.1, organizations can easily use 'social solving,' consumers solving problems for each other and sharing resolutions online, as a part of their service knowledge base.

Version 6.1 of e:SLS is available immediately.

About Empolis

Empolis, an Attensity Group Company, provides an integrated suite of business applications that analyze, interpret and automate the exploding volume of unstructured data. Business leaders, knowledge management professionals, customer support personnel and customers receive current knowledge and get relevant and actionable answers - fast.

Empolis is the provider of intelligent information management applications for companies and organizations who have recognized the great value for their company. Information in all varieties of formats and from any source are automatically transformed into valuable knowledge and delivered in real-time to the decision-maker. Information is converted into real knowledge capital and business processes are optimized.

Countless notable national and international enterprises (such as Airbus, BBC Monitoring, Bosch, Datev, European Patent Office, Nokia Siemens Networks, Siemens, Versatel and Vodafone), as well as public organizations rely upon Empolis applications and our 20+ year experience in a wide range of industries and process know-how. Internationally, more than 200,000 registered business leaders and users utilize applications from the Attensity Group.

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