GHENT, Belgium, January 25 /PRNewswire/ -- SIRUNA, the Belgian technology and solution provider for mobile internet, announces a new and improved release of online tool OSMOBI (launched last October), enabling Joomla! Drupal web developers to make mobile websites instantly customized to any make or model of device. Thanks also to OSMOBI's 2000+ registered users, SIRUNA continues to pursue its goal of being the reference provider for mobile web technology in the open source arena.

Ghent, The new OSMOBI release makes mobile web development even easier than before. It is so simple that amateur developers can use it without knowing how to code a mobile website. Professional users will also find that OSMOBI saves time, letting them focus on visual presentation. As a result, anyone viewing the internet from any mobile device will have a better browsing experience.

New features include a more attractive basic template, along with a wider range of editing and customization choices such as theme colours, image resizing, and refinement of an original site's features.

OSMOBI makes the mobile experience better for any mobile device. Siruna's technology platform offers a one-stop solution to recode PC websites for any commercial mobile handset.

Without OSMOBI, navigating the web on mobile devices can be a frustrating experience. Websites made for PCs display poorly on mobile handsets, but creating user-friendly mobile sites is a complex task for most developers (handling device diversity, mobile browser management, optimization, hosting, and maintenance). Creating a 'mobile version' of an existing desktop website is even more complex.

OSMOBI ( gives Joomla! Drupal web developers an instant and simple way to adapt a website for mobile-friendly content and smooth mobile browsing - regardless of device. The tool is free to use for under 150 mobile page views per day, and only takes 3 simple steps. Developers create an account, download and install the module, and then start mobilizing. In just three months, over 2000 already have.

To see an illustration of the tool in use, please check out the Product Tour Video on the OSMOBI homepage (


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