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Axur Information Security, a global company, leader in information security, has launched Axur ISMS, a complete solution for implementing and managing international standard ISO 27001. New on the market and totally aimed at best practices, this is the first world solution made available entirely in the SaaS (Software as a Service) model. Axur ISMS can be evaluated for free at

According to Victor Menegotto, International Sales VP, ISO 27001 is currently the only internationally accepted certificate of information security. "Having ISO 27001 certification is a public demonstration that the company has excellent information security, and applies good practices for preserving the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information." According to a report issued by ACNielsen, there are 5,797 companies certificated in 64 countries. The adoption of the standard has increased at the rate of 200 new certificates per month.

Axur ISMS is present in markets where ISO 27001 certification is important, such as Japan, the United Kingdom, Taiwan and China. "Our solution is cross-industry and adapts to any purpose, regardless of its size. Axur ISMS was developed to be completely in accordance with the criteria of the risk management standard, security policies and continuous improvement. The two great benefits of Axur ISMS is the reduction in the risk of non-certification for those in the process of implementation, and a drastic reduction of the costs for maintaining certification," states Menegotto. "Using the SaaS model to distribute our solution guarantees greater security, reliability and lower costs for our clients. Additionally, the online model allows the delivery of Axur ISMS in real time."

Axur Information Security ( is an information security Management Solutions leading company. We act as a global player in the ISO 27001 solutions market. Founded in 1999, Axur has hundreds of clients present in several market sectors, including financial, telecom, industry, government, retail, energy, mining, dot-com, service sector and oil & gas.

Axur provides high technology solutions to reduce organizational risk, measuring and demonstrating the controls efficiency regarding the organization's information assets protection using worldwide best practices.

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Victor Menegotto, Manager of Axur Information Security , +1-516-522-2573, ; Journalists in charge: Celina Monteiro de Barros - MTb. 11.986, or Diná Simas - Mtb. 19.543