LONDON, July 15 --

- Unified Communications SaaS Deployment Allows Small and
Medium-Sized Businesses to Gain Full Benefits of UC at a Reasonable Cost

A new White Paper by CommuniGate Systems highlights
the benefits of a Unified Communications (UC) SaaS (Software as a Service) model
for small and medium-sized businesses. This independent view of Unified
Communications SaaS deployment has been written for
CommuniGate by Philip Hunter, a freelance IT journalist specialising in
communications, web technologies and digital entertainment.

Whilst Unified Communications has already made a significant contribution to
the competitiveness of larger enterprises, boosting productivity and
streamlining business processes, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have
been deterred from deploying UC by the high cost of implementation and lack of
technical staff. However, the availability of a Unified Communications SaaS
model, such as CommuniGate Pro now brings all of the benefits
of UC within the reach of small and medium-sized businesses for the first time.

Simon Paton, Managing Director of CommuniGate Systems UK says, Small and
medium-sized businesses have been slower to embrace Unified Communications
because of high costs and lack of technical skills. However, the Unified
Communications SaaS model has matured rapidly, providing SMBs with a far more
cost effective mechanism for deploying UC, avoiding the complexities of
on-premise implementation, by in effect passing the buck to service providers.

Paton continues, The Unified Communications SaaS deployment model is easier to
deploy, more reliable, and more manageable for the SMB customer, while
facilitating future expansion in both user numbers and applications.
Furthermore, service providers are able to tailor the whole UC package using
CommuniGate Pro, including the functions provided. They can develop versions of
the package for different vertical markets, and also tailor to the needs of
individual SMB customers.

Unified Communications SaaS deployment is fast becoming the preferred method
for delivering UC to SMBs, because it is advantageous for both the service
provider and customer. The key point for both is that SaaS makes it much easier
to expand and upgrade the UC solution at a time when functions continue to
evolve fast, driven by growing integration between the components and
availability of broadband bandwidth to both fixed and mobile devices. New
features can be added purely at the service end, while new devices can be added
at the customer end just by downloading software based on the Adobe(R) Flash(R)
client Pronto! in the case of the CommuniGate Pro UC platform.

Paton continues, Armed with the CommuniGate Pro Mobile Unified Communications
platform, service providers can deliver scaleable UC services to the multitude
of potential SMB customers, which collectively can generate more revenue than
large bases of residential or consumer subscriber services such as ASDL and

Paton concludes, The combination of highly reliable bandwidth connections, a
robust scaleable platform, the Unified Communications SaaS model for delivery of
UC, and widespread cultural acceptance of collaborative tools, means that the
time is ripe for a major push by service providers into the UC SMB market.

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About CommuniGate Systems

Based in London, CommuniGate UK is a business unit of GAP Internet
Communications - the sole distributor for CommuniGate Systems within the UK.
Founded in 1991 and based in Mill Valley, California, CommuniGate Systems
develops carrier-class Unified Communications and media delivery software for
broadband and mobile operators to deliver value-added services and SaaS
solutions. CommuniGate Systems delivers powerful mash-ups of Unified
Communications technology mixed with media and entertainment applications for
portals, social networks, enterprises and mobile communities. CommuniGate
Systems is revolutionising the Unified Communications industry with a unique
Flash-based client framework Pronto! bringing together all forms of
communication and breaking the leash to the desktop with Web 2.0 mobility.

CommuniGate Systems is the first choice in technology solutions for over 12,000
customers with over 130 million subscribers unifying e-mail, collaboration, IM,
presence and VoIP with a single identity. The Unified Communications platform
provides flexibility, performance, and scalability with benchmark proven
architecture remaining unchallenged in the industry. Our technology powers OEM
partner products ranging from embedded real time systems to powerful unified
messaging platforms at top tier global network operators. The open development
environment’s simple APIs deliver extensible flexibility with a unique
clustering technology for 99.999% uptime for the most demanding application

The company is a trusted and financially stable vendor, maintaining the highest
customer satisfaction levels in the Unified Communications industry with over
175 members in its partner network worldwide.

For further information, please contact: Lisa Williams itpr t.

SOURCE: CommuniGate Systems

For further information, please contact: Lisa Williams, itpr, t.