LOS ANGELES, August 2, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation announced today the formation of the National Youth Leadership Committee for the Ronald Reagan Centennial Celebration. Each of these 38 young athletes, entertainers, and student leaders has been inspired in a personal way by President Reagan's vision of freedom and the example of his leadership. Committee members will participate in the Ronald Reagan Centennial Celebration representing America's next generation of leaders.

"We need you. We need your youth. We need your strength. We need your idealism to help us make right that which is wrong," President Reagan declared on May 17, 1981, in a commencement address at the University of Notre Dame. "Each generation goes further than the generation preceding it because it stands on the shoulders of that generation. You will have opportunities beyond anything we've ever known."

Together, committee members have earned awards and accolades that include:

-- 18 Olympic Medals -- 11 NCAA All-American Selections -- 5 NCAA Championships -- 2 NCAA Players of the Year -- 2 Platinum Records -- 1 Miss USA Crown

 "Ronald Reagan is a personal hero of mine," said 18-year-old singer/songwriter Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers. "I admire the way he stood up for causes he believed were right, no matter what."

 "Ronald Reagan's optimism and graciousness is a model for me in my career," said 20-year-old Grammy-nominated, Platinum recording artist Jordin Sparks. "I'm honored to be a part of this leadership committee and give back just a fraction of the blessings I've received. "

Members of the National Youth Leadership Committee will participate in many of the Reagan Centennial activities sponsored by the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation, including those found at http://www.reagancentennial.com.

 "Honoring President Reagan during his centennial year is a tremendous privilege and responsibility. I believe my generation can learn from a man who was able to accomplish so much while still respecting all opinions," said Brodi Conover, a student at Georgetown University and founder of Community Honor Flight. "We've lost that capacity in our civic discourse today. I want to emulate President Reagan's leadership to always respect others while maintaining convictions."

 Genevieve Ryan, Princeton University student and former White House intern, said, "I'm touched to be a part of this stellar group. There was something special about President Reagan. Only a legacy as enduring as President Reagan's would have the power to inspire multiple generations. "

Ronald Reagan believed in American exceptionalism. This group of Olympians, professional athletes, entertainers, sailors from the USS Ronald Reagan, and student leaders representing colleges and universities from across America is truly that: exceptional.

 Members of National Youth Leadership Committee include:
Nathan Adrian, Swimmer, Olympic Gold Medalist NCAA Champion
Marco Andretti, Indy Car Driver, 21 Career Top 10 Finishes
Terrence Austin, Football Player, Washington Redskins
Katie Black, Student, Pepperdine University
Ellie Castine, Student, University of Virginia Peter Castine, Student, Miami University
J.R. Celski, Speed Skater, Olympic Medalist Eight-Time World Champion
Oliver Cole, Navy Sailor, USS Ronald Reagan
Brodi Conover, Student, Georgetown University
Meryl Davis, Ice Dancer, Olympian World Championship Silver Medalist
Rima Fakih, Miss USA 2010
Kendall Fisher, Student, Pepperdine University
Jimmer Fredette, Basketball Player, NCAA All-American
Richie Gregory, Student, Eureka College
Katie Hoff, Swimmer, Two-Time Olympian World Champion
Hillary Hurd, Student, University of Virginia
Nicole Johnson, Miss California USA 2010
Nick Jonas, Musician
J.W. Krumpholz, Water Polo Player, Olympian 2009 NCAA National Player of the Year
Nastia Liukin, Gymnast, Five-Time Olympic Medalist
Colin Mansfield, Cadet, United States West Point Military Academy
Greg McElroy, Quarterback 2009 National Champion, University of Alabama
Kelley O'Hara, Soccer Player, FC Gold Pride 2009 NCAA National Player of the Year
Anna Maria Perez De Tangle, Actress, Model Singer
Jordan Pruitt, Recording Artist
Katherine Reutter, Speed Skater, Two-Time Olympic Medalist World Cup Champion
Colleen Delaney Rigby, Student, Georgetown University
Katelyn Rowan, Student, Eureka College
Genevieve Ryan, Student, Princeton University
Alicia Sacramone, Gymnast, Olympic Medalist World Champion
Ryan Sheckler, Skateboarder, X Games Gold Medalist Drew Tour Athlete of the Year
Sharon Soileau, Navy Sailor, USS Ronald Reagan
Jordin Sparks, Musician
Hannah Teter, Snowboarder, Two-Time Olympian X Games Gold Medalist
Charlie White, Ice Dancer, Olympian Grand Prix Champion
David Will, Student, Princeton University
Bryon Wilson, Mogul Skier, Olympic Bronze Medalist
Ross Wilson, Baseball Player, Chicago White Sox Organization 

Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation Centennial Celebration - is a historic two-year-long celebration to commemorate the 100th birthday of the 40th President of the United States of America, Ronald Reagan. Visit http://www.reagancentennial.com to learn more.