WELLESLEY HILLS, Massachusetts, October 4, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Joseph F. Finn, Jr., C.P.A. (Finn), announced today that he is offering for sale the patented technology to integrate germanium photodetectors with silicon circuits at the November 5, 2010 sealed bid sale of NoblePeak Vision Corp. assets.

NoblePeak has developed and implemented a process flow that incorporates single crystal germanium photodetectors with CMOS circuits. Germanium detectors allow the detection of a much wider spectrum of light than silicon imagers. By forming an array of such detectors and combining them with on-chip imaging circuitry, visible-to-short wave infrared imagers have been fabricated at high volume with silicon economics.

Germanium is a suitable material for photodetectors. Germanium is invariably used as a relatively dilute SiGe alloy (30% Ge) in very thin layers. NoblePeak developed a special growth technique which circumnavigates the difficulties of growing thick pure layers of germanium.

The intellectual property, fixed assets and inventory will be sold by a sealed bid sale at 12:00 noon on November 5, 2010.

Persons interested in bidding must sign a Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement (CDA) obtained from Finn's Office - jffinnjr@finnwarnkegayton.com or +1-781-237-8840. They will then receive a bid package.

About Joseph F. Finn, Jr., C.P.A.

Joseph F. Finn, Jr., C.P.A. is the owner of the firm Finn, Warnke Gayton, Certified Public Accountants of Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts. He works primarily in the area of management consulting for distressed enterprises, bankruptcy accounting and related matters, such as assignee for the benefit of creditors and liquidating agent for a corporation. He has been involved in a number of loan workouts and bankruptcy cases for thirty-five (35) years. His most recent Assignments for the Benefit of Creditors in the biotech field include Spherics, Inc., ActivBiotics, Inc., Prospect Therapeutics, Inc. and Epix Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

For further information, please contact Joseph F. Finn, Jr., C.P.A. at +1-781-237-8840 or jffinnjr@finnwarnkegayton.com.

SOURCE: Joseph F. Finn, Jr., C.P.A.

CONTACT: Joseph F. Finn, Jr., C.P.A., +1-781-237-8840,jffinnjr@finnwarnkegayton.com